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    Just got bought a 2001 Golf tdi s ASV, When crawling along if i slowly press the gas the car starts to kangaroo at about 1200 rpm but it eases off as i apply more gas, this noticable in all but 5th gear. Also the tickover is set at 1000 rpm which seems a bit high. Had a friend scan it with VCDS and he noticed the timing fluctuating on tickover and the following faults codes Charge pressure control positive deviation (P1557) Check DTC memory of instrument cluster (P1654) Reved the car quite hard and the engine started to chug as though it was not firing on all cylinders, turned it off and re started and all was normal again but left fault code Vehicle speed sensor implausible signal (P0501) Noticed the car has gone into limp mode a couple of time when driven hard. Any help would be great.