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  1. 1995 VW Golf overheating - sometimes.

    I have a 1994 1.4L Petrol VW Golf. The car froze in the winter and pushed out some plug on the left of the engine block. This would just leak coolant (water) quickly. Once replaced I found that I had a couple of leaks in the rad. Used rad weld to sort out the leaks - which it did. 2 months later: Whilst driving, water temp has been going up to 110C, internal heater stops working - then heater would kick back in and temp would drop back to around 75C (I think the sensor's pretty knackered) Driving yesterday on motorway. Steam entering cockpit from dashboard and steam from bonnet. Pulled over to find no water left in reservoir. Let cool - filled with water and drove home. Today: Have flushed out the rad weld and remaining coolant, as I thought it might be causing a blockage. Water flowing freely through radiator. It appears that the water is circulating into the reservoir - so i'm assuming the pump is working. I can't see any water under the car or leaking from anywhere, but there is a large amount of pressure building up in the pipes too and from the radiator whilst the engine is running. All pipes are hot (inc. too and from rad) Is this a head gasket problem? Or could it be as simple as broken impeler on the water pump? I can't see any emulsified oil in the water or in the oil filler cap. If it is a head gasket, how can I fix it - I like a challenge, but i also like to know what I'm doing! Any help much appreciated!