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  1. A4 B7 reverse lights problem :(

    Thank you for the clarification I had a mechanic look over the new part he replaced and he fitted it again just to make sure it was correct. I am assuming it is the module you speak of then. Is that an expensive job to get done, and how can I check if it is this module that is causing the problem?
  2. Hi guys, New to the forum, bear with me. I have a 2.0L Manual A4 B7 platform. It has a temperamental problem with the reverse lights. They only occasionally come on as they should. When they do work they cut in and out every 1-2 seconds. This is with me having the gearbox in reverse constantly. I read on a couple of forums that it may be the Reverse Light Sensor / Switch. I had this part changed yesterday and now it seems the lights are not coming on at all! Please can somebody with experience in this help me out with any solutions or ideas. Much appreciated.