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  1. @cruiser647 - thanks for the reply. Sorted it. Was the green engine coolant sensor and the speed sensor for the drive shaft. All ticking nicely.. Cheap and easy fix. Used a £7 VAG Com cable off ebay to find the faults. Far cheaper than the garage.
  2. HI, i have a 2000 VW Bora TDi. I have just put it through it's NOT and it failed due to the abs light not coming on at all. Not when the key is first turned or when starting the engine. I have just used a VAG fault finder lead & the lite VAG software and gave me: 2 Faults Found: 00290 - ABS Wheel Speed Sensor; Rear Left (G46) 35-00 - - 00283 - 00283 - ABS Wheel Speed Sensor; Front Left (G47) 35-10 - I fitted a new sensor on the front, as that code came up before the MOT. The problem is that the plastic socket that goes into the sensor is missing and there are 2 spade clips there instead. So i wasn't sure which wire went where. Tried one way but only just used the fault finder again as it wasn't at my home and i have a bad back at teh moment, so i can't try to swap the two connectors for the sensor around. So would these codes cause the ABS light not to light up at all? I'm ok fixing mechanical parts, but when it comes to electronics, etc, i am a newbie. Any help would be very welcome. I start a new job in a few days and need the car to pass the MOT for then. Thanks. Connor
  3. Hi, I'm new on here and would really appreciate some advice. My VW Bora 115bhp 2000(w reg) 1.9l keeps cutting out/stalling when i slow down or come to a stop. When i take my foot off the accelerator the revs go right down and cuts out. This doesn't always happen, it will just tick over, but not for very long. I have been having to take it out of gear when slowing down and use my left foot to brake whilst keeping the revs up with my right. I only drive when really necessary, as i obviously don't want to cause a crash. My alternative is that the engine cuts out, sometimes whilst going 30-40 and if i have to slow down, the engine cuts out and is hard to steer. When it cuts out it is very hard to start again, and usually results in the battery draining completely. Then i have to get someone to come out and jump start me (but still takes a while to get started). - Though if i leave the car for a while (maybe an hour, give or take, etc), it will start straight away (usually - 8 out of 10 times). This has only happened over the last several days. It would sometimes happen when really low on fuel ( i have run out of diesel several times over the last few months), but seems to have gotten to this point recently even with a quarter tank (unemployed at the mo, so can't fill it up, but need it running as i start a new job in a week or 2). I have put a new fuel filter on, but no joy. I have looked on here, as well as elsewhere, but can't find an exact answer. Similar problems, but not exact. I have read that it could be the 109 relay or possibly the Fuel pump (going to test it tomorrow to see if it makes a noise whilst starting the car - But it revs up ok, so don't think its the pump). Jets blocked? I'm not very good with the engine side of cars anymore, most other diy jobs i manage to fix. As long as i keep the revs up above 1k it is ok, but when i take my foot off the accelerator it usually cuts out. (if i leave it ticking over its ok, but sometimes cuts out - this varies in time) Would it have anything to do with it getting colder lately? Or is that just a coincidence? I get NO back fires. Do i need to get diagnostics read? I have little money at the moment either. *Feel free to ask any questions. Appreciate any help. Thanks. Garry.