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  1. Strange temp guage readings

    If its just started overheating in this hot weather i'd check to see if it does it with the Air Con off first.
  2. Sharan, Galaxy, Alhambra

    I've got a 2.3 ghia x 1997 and its fine apart from the alternator which was replaced. Its got loads of torque and is quite quick as MPV's go. In fact can hold its own against many cars. Its got 140k on the clock and still going strong and we've used this thing as an M P V in its true meaning!
  3. Empty washer bottle warning

    Not too difficult just a bit fiddly. You may need new grommets and the elecy motor always has a degree of corrosion. You can get away with removing the front bumper for access if you don't have headlight washer jets BTW. There's a post on it here with a few pics by Sneaky:
  4. Photos of your Audi A8/S8

    Get some clear side repeaters fella and some spacers+++
  5. Empty washer bottle warning

    Not sure about the D3 but on D2's the pump is also the level indicator and after a few fill ups of your choice wind screen washer fluid the float becomes clogged and cant err... float any more. Need to strip and clean then all should be fine again.
  6. 2.8 sport high mileage?

    I,ve had my 97 2.8s for over 6 years and its done 156k miles - 60k with me and its still going strong even though I'm using it daily these days!
  7. LED Halo Rings

    Looks OK but can you get a solid felxi tube version as opposed to the mulitple LED version you have? Post some of the full face of the car as well if you can.
  8. running problem

    Hey Cruiser, new? lol... its 13 years old! Just a bit of scrub up and yep they are HID ballasts+++
  9. running problem

    Mass Air Flow Meter - it measures the amount of air that comes into the engine located in the air filter box at the front left side of the engine bay when facing it. looks like this: and found here: what engine size / year is the car? You say they scanned the gearbox - how exactly?
  10. Look, Signal, Manoeuvre

    I swear thats Rayners lane where he picks up his paper from, 5:23?
  11. Quick question about wiper washers

    Also worth a check is to look over to the left hand side of the engine bay near the wiper mech motor (remove beauty cover) - theres an L shape connector in the hose that becomes disconnected now & again assuming you screen wash hasn't frozen of course & the pump is working ok.
  12. Fan on all the time...

    You are right its suppose to come on with the aircon due to the increase in load on the engine. There is a prssure switch located under the front near side head (bumper needs removing - easy job), the connector harness gets water ingress due to rain, jet wash etc. so causes a short making the electric fan do all sorts. will try to find the pics of it, its on TSN somewhere... Though it could mean that your A/C system is running high pressure perhaps due to blockage & that your fan is working OK to compensate for this. You might want to check the Viscous fan to see if it is working properly.
  13. Annoying Stall problem..

    Been a while:o... but here's this old timers two p's worth: Highly likley its the Throttle Body(TB) my cars a 2.8 as well depending on the engine code you may not have loads of breather hoses. I have had the stalling issue years ago cleaning the TB helped but eventualy I had to replace it. see here Do a search for stalling, throttle body etc with my user id its been documented on here back in '04... TBH you need to check for DTC's using vagcom sorry VCDS to point you in the right direction. Good luck+++
  14. A8 Fuel pump blues. Can anyone help?

    Try this lot they sorted out my fuel tank issues a few years ago: All Audi - Audi parts, Audi spares, Audi cars, Audi Salvage Cars, quality audis, new audi parts, used audi parts, audi bristol.
  15. Misfire came out of the blue! HELP!

    Can you see any water marks on the cam covers? the nearest water pipe is just to the front of number one leading to the rad. Also check the bulk head seal at the fire wall and the under bonnet sound baffle to see if its wet in the area above number 1.