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  1. One of the last of the production run, this MK4 R32 was registered in February 2004. Five door version with four wheel drive and 3.2 litre V6 motor. Has covered only 26,000 miles and comes with complete main dealer service history. A cherished and well maintained car. Registered and located in Jersey, so VAT will need to be paid for UK registration. Has factory options of full black leather, sunroof and fully integrated OE satellite navigation with DSP sound system. There were very few other MK4 R32's with all these factory options fitted. Has all the standard equipment of the R32 including great Konig heated sports seats, climate control, Xenon lights, rain sensor and auto dimming rear mirror. £9,500
  2. I'm going to be needing some new rubber some time this year. Just wondering what to go for. Tempted by the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric which won the Evo 2007 tyre test? These will be the first set of replacements from the original Michelins Pilot Sports. I'd be interested to know what mileage others got out of their originals before having to replace them?
  3. M3 - RS4 Review

    If 10KG does make a difference perhaps it might be simpler to just go on a diet.
  4. thinking about rs6 avant

    Is there anyone on here who has switched from an RS6 to an RS4 (B7)? I'd also be interested to hear comments from anyone who has driven both. Is the RS6 far superior in terms of speed? and how does it compare in other respects?
  5. How far is have you gone at 0 miles !

    I've been told by a number of people before not to run the tank too low as when near to empty the concentration of any contaminants (dirt etc) will be greater. This in turn would be bad news for the engine. Does anyone disagree with this?
  6. EVO this month...

    The Mk4 R32 has always been an EVO favourite and won the superhatch group test in 2003 (EVO 53). I think the latest article sums up the differences fairly well. Not sure about the reference to the MK4 bulbous arches though as they are the same as other MK4's. I think there was a pre-production car with bigger arches but this feature did not make it to the final version. The jury is still out for me on DSG. I did spec it on the MK5 I ordered but cancelled the car and ended up with an RS4 instead. If I did go for a MK5 now I think I'd be inclined to choose a manual. I've no plans to sell my MK4 R32. I do like the MK5 but there are some features which don't quite work for me. I'm not overly keen on the wheels and the grill. Also I'd have to go for a car with Recaros as I think they make the interior that bit special. I'm also not sure that the price premium over the MK5 GTI makes the MK5 R32 good value. If I were looking for a second hand MK5 I think it would be hard to overlook the GTI because it is so good and that much cheaper.
  7. POLL: What colour is your R32

    Fagash - I did think they looked similar. Do they have the same paint codes?
  8. R8-DRIVEN!!

    I too am not sure whether the Audi marque can carry the R8. If it can't I guess residuals will suffer. I better start saving............
  9. POLL: What colour is your R32

    Here is the link to the numbers list of MK4 cars produced. MK4 R32 Cars Produced Thread There weren't any shadow blue MK4 cars. I think this colour came out with the MK5? I've always wondered where the only Jazz Blue car is.
  10. My Cupra splitter mod

    Cheers Dan - Another one of your well executed mods Anyone got the part no. for the LCR splitter?
  11. My Cupra splitter mod

    Really do like the look of the Cupra splitter mod. The standard car has the two side splitter parts so do these stay in place with the Cupra splitter being attached to these? Without checking I think these standard side splitters are all part of the undertray which I presume is retained? Cheers Mark
  12. RS4 saloon v avant

    No worries Mark. Think there is a mistake on the website as all the brochures show them as being the same length. I just wish it was under 4.5m as then it would be in a cheaper category to take on the Ferry
  13. What SD/MMC card?

    If it is the RNSE that limits to the 512 number what happens if you go above this?
  14. RS4 saloon v avant

    Mark88 Don't understand your posting or more specifically where the measurement of 4589mm for the Saloon came from. The Audi website also shows 4586mm for the Saloon I have a number of brochures and all of them show the same length of 4586 for both. Feel free to post some other supporting evidence to prove otherwise. Until then I take it that you accept you have made a mistake.
  15. RS4 saloon v avant

    It is not they are both exactly the same length from bumper to bumper.