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  1. AUDI TT 2.0TSFI knocking noise

    thanks for your advise. it would be expensive to fix? or whole gearbox has to be replaced? This problem only appear in fisrt gear. even very very slow (nearly stop) in second gear will not has this noise. Thanks! Thanks Shao
  2. AUDI TT 2.0TSFI knocking noise

    Hi there. Highly appreciated if someone can help. I got a 2008 Audi TT FWD TSFI 2.0 AUTO(DSG) When the car is steady, just release the brake and let the car go slowly (AUTOMATIC). (Not accelerator is required). You will hear something "knock , knock and slight vibration for 1-2 second. not very loud , but getting louder than before. no problem at all when accelerator is depress. Any idea. will it hurt the car or something needs to be replace? Many thanks!