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  1. Car battery problem - we think!

    Yes it is the original and yes, I think we will have to get a new battery. Can't think what else it could be and I assume the garage just did a cursory check on it at the time. Thanks Tipex
  2. Hopefully someone will be able to help. We own a 2001 Mini Cooper which we have had from new. For the past six months or so we've had a problem with the car not starting in the morning - makes no difference if the weather is cold or hot (car is kept in garage overnight). When you turn the key it just makes a clicking sound. If you connect the battery to the chargor the car starts within less than a minute. We have also taken the battery out, fully charged it overnight and put it back. Within a day or so the same thing happens again. The car was serviced last week and the garage said the battery was fine and couldn't find a fault with it. Probably doesn't help that we do short journeys of less than 10 miles on a daily basis but wondered if anyone else had experienced a similar problem. One other thing (totally unrelated) is that intermittently the driver window refuses to open!! Thanks all.