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  1. Wheels

    That's a very fair point actually, and thanks for the wheel thing my friend assured me that bora steels where 17" he must of been wrong and yer the whole banding thing seems pretty shady to me too
  2. Right first one of two: when idling the car seems to pulse not a lot maybe half a little notch or so but still is that a problem I was assured it wasn't I just want to get your thoughts on it? Secondly my sump guard has collapsed, where on earth could I get on also I heard about metal ones any good?
  3. Wheels

    My hope is that the pattern is gonna be the same and the other was that the bora wheels would be 17" and the golf 15" given the golf a slight rake to it, while trying banding on the front and back steelies and thank you for the suggestions
  4. Wheels

    I have a VW SE Golf with alloy wheels, I would like a set of front steelies from a mrk 4 golf and a set of rear steelies from a VW Bora, other than trents is there any other place I could get the sets I want? any help is welcome thanks