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  1. Le Mans 09

    Not really, but fire over your number and address where you'll be, if I get in early enough I should get time to scream past...
  2. Le Mans 09

    Nope not going this year I'm afraid... My Rallying commitments have taken up all my spare time this year... maybe next year if we only do events in the UK 2010... I'm near Beaconsfield if there's any one close to hand it off to... otherwise I'm in central London for a short time tomorrow (Friday) and no doubt will be flying in to London late afternoon early evening one night next week as well...???
  3. Aprila RSV1000R

    Not been around for a while but I've got a decent bike up for grabs so putting it around... Low Mileage - Low Price! £2500 No Offers Aprilia RSV1000R First Registered June 2003 998cc Low mileage, less than 9000 miles! Black/Red works colours Fresh 12 Months MOT until 19/05/2010 Recent service just before MOT New Sprag clutch fitted. A very tidy, low mileage 6 year old bike being sold well below the market value… Rides beautifully, looks and sounds fantastic… No modifications from new. It has the factory fitted Meta System alarm and factory single/pillion seat conversion (I have the pillion/passenger seat) converts from single seat to 2 seats in seconds. A couple of minor bad points : - Firstly the bike has Cat C history, which was due to it being stolen, when it was 3 months old, I have no further information about this but it's believed that the insurer paid out before the bike was recovered. Why this would make it a Cat C is anybody's guess I can only assume there was some damage to the fairing or something that caused this? However there are no signs of any historic damage, frame is clear of dings/scratches etc. but obviously for a 6 year old bike there are the normal tiny scuffs and scratches around tank and where you'd throw your leg over etc. associated with 9000 miles of normal riding, it's in excellent condition but don't expect it to be concourse! Secondly, there is no service history with the bike, it was lost by the previous owner, however it's been thoroughly checked during the recent service and MOT and all is in order. I wouldn't let the CAT C rating put you off, it's an honest bike that will stand up to any HPI check or mechanical inspection, it just has a weird bit of history from when it was 3 months old that I can't find a full explanation for. Priced to sell - £2500 No Offers. Thanks
  4. Le Mans 09

    Lads, I've got a hoooge "Tyresmoke" Banner from previous years trips to Le Mans, just found it in the Garage, no point giving it to the ButtMonkeys to hang, it may as well go to whoever is flying the main Tyresmoke flag at Le Mans/events these days... Who wants it? Quick before Bison jumps in and claims it as company property! Dodge
  5. newbie advice on cerberra

    I can give you no advice, apart from do it!!! I jumped in feet first last weekend and bought a Cerbera, it's the nuts, I love it... I took it on with some confidence in it's service history and expected to have to spend a sh1t load on it to bring it back up to standard... It's in to TVR next week for a health check and to fix a couple of electrical bits etc. so watch this space for an update next week... I've got the 4.2 but if you're looking at true supercar eating performance get the 4.5 there's about 80bhp difference I think!!!
  6. OK ,Daughter 17 in JULY

    [ QUOTE ] So need some ideas: She is the last one at home, and going to want wheels, what do you guys recommend?.May consider new (may not). Then there is insurance, any advice please. [/ QUOTE ] Get her a 2 seater... can carry less friends less chance of her being used as a cab and taking her places she shouldn't go... There's also another plus to a 2 seater I won't say out loud... ...a mate got his 17 year old one of the those Smart car/the sports car one 2 seater jobs, I think it was the insurance that led him that way...
  7. [ QUOTE ] Top marks to Dodge for capturing the events so well [/ QUOTE ] Pleasure mate, glad you found 'em eventually... trying to upload the 2003 one as we speak... watch this space Edit - PS, can't wait for LM007... Mollox, we need a planning meeting soon!!! call me.
  8. [ QUOTE ] So - do any of you guys think of giving Le Mans a miss and going to the 24 hour race at the 'ring instead? [/ QUOTE ] Yeah, looking forward to it, but would never drop Le Mans for it, but the first time I go to the 'Ring 24 Hour I'm expecting to be driving in it so I gues sit won't be classed as a jolly, like Le Mans...
  9. [ QUOTE ] Neat. Was that the Bison in the big Yank brick doing the burnout at the end of the '05 clip? [/ QUOTE ] Aye it was... top passenger!!! Come back Bison all is forgiven
  10. Windsor Meet - Wednesday 29th Nov

    [ QUOTE ] Will I make a Windsor? Who knows. I'll try [/ QUOTE ] Bloody hell, if Mollox is gona pull his finger out and go I'll make an effort... It's getting time for a LM07 Planning meet!!! See you all there hopefuly...
  11. Virginia Water Meet 12/11/06

    Here you go - Virginia Water WheatSheaf & Car Park The Pub It's a good alternative venue...
  12. Virginia Water Meet 12/11/06

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Fletcher's coming south?? [/ QUOTE ] [/ QUOTE ] In his dreams, yet another no show... something to do with the micro climate in the Peak District, whilst the rest of the country was covered in a sunny crisp sunny autumn day his house was being hit by a Force 10 with Sleet, flying Pigs and Bull Doo!!!
  13. Virginia Water Meet 12/11/06

    [ QUOTE ] Some pics from today. Spotted Jo in her Caterham, spotted Roger's Charger. [/ QUOTE ] Hey Buddy, kept an eye out for you but didn't see you, hung around near yer car for a short while (well, to be honest wasn't sure which one it was) but all the VXR's seemed to be together... sorry to miss you...
  14. Virginia Water Meet 12/11/06

    Aye, I'll be there in the Charger... Some of the other ButtMonkeys should make it too... Skyline, C5 Corvette, 206z yada yada yada... Mose, you taking a VXR???