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  1. Matt cars....yey or net?

    Didn't think it'd be quite as one sided - are most wrapper's applied after or does someone like MB do a factory matt scheme?
  2. Matt cars....yey or net?

    I came across a Merc C63AMG DR520 in matt white not long back and it looked the dogs doo dahs, just wondered what the general consensus was?? I take it, its a wrapper of some description - does it de-value the car in anyway, can it be removed easily?
  3. New M3 Driver!

    billy2shots, yeah I thought exactly the same, but having done a little research as Biscuits rightly points out it won't be common knowledge.
  4. New M3 Driver!

    Already got my eye on a C63....
  5. New M3 Driver!

    Good question, having thought about it today, I think i'll enjoy whatever is left of the summer in it and then see what else is around. Tbh I'm just glad its over with, its been 2 months of the news getting worse and worse.
  6. New M3 Driver!

    Well, the end is insight - and thank god! The warranty company and the dealership I bought the car from have agreed a 70/30 split in terms of coughing up for the repairs, car is on a transporter and I should have it back in a couple of weeks time.....and not a penny to pay!!! Came good in the end, but pressure from a solicitor did the trick. Bit more to the story but in essence, today is a good day!
  7. New M3 Driver!

    Sorry my bad yes its 10w60 i've put in (just had a heart flutter and a quick look in the shed!) - the BMW dealership that has done the engine strip assured me that the oil that was in it was correct and that there was enough in when the drained the sump to take the block apart, so I'm ok there. Also I took the car into BMW back in Feb when the 'vehicle check light' came on, again I asked them to check what had been written on the job sheet and the info the gathered from the key scan - no error codes came back to link to an Oil issue, and from the key scan oil level was deemed 'OK'.
  8. New M3 Driver!

    Yes time is ticking, already got a solicitor on the case.
  9. New M3 Driver!

    No it was a dealership that specialises in 'high performance' cars.
  10. New M3 Driver!

    Exactly! Well I'm almost at the stage where I'm going to go back to the dealer as the car was bought in an un-suitable condition and in terms of the law, under the supply of goods act 1973 you have 6 months to return the car as i'm fairly certain reading between the lines of the warranty report and also the BMW engineer's report on the car that I bought the car and it already had this issue. It needed oil after only 2 months of buying the car and for a car with full service history and only covered 43000 surely someone further down the road has thrashed it with very little/no oil or the wrong type of oil which has caused this problem. For an engine to fail, specifically an 'M' engine something has catastrophically failed. I have pictures of the cylinder heads and they are ALL worn to the brass!!
  11. New M3 Driver!

    Well....just to update further the story gets worse and worse. I STILL do not have my M3 almost 2 months after the initial problem started. The car basically needs a new short motor and crank shaft, to the tune of £19990 quoted directly from BMW. Which will NOT happen, no way on earth am I paying that, it'll go to court before I get anywhere near to paying out. I bought the car in January of this year, its an '08 and had done 43000 miles or thereabouts, the car has full service history and I am the 4th owner. I did write a post on here a while back regarding putting oil into the car as my oil light had come on (back in March)....this will come to fruition once you read the engineers report below. When I checked the on-board oil monitor after the light had come on it showed a small '+1' on the image. I filled it with Castrol 5w60 (the correct oil for an M3 engine) putting in 0.5L which when I re-checked the onboard graphic then showed 'MAX'. At no time after the oil light indicated was the car run, I waited until the oil arrived filled it up and continued to drive it. Until I started hearing the noise that triggered me to take the car back to BMW in May. Long and the short of it is this, which came from the warranty engineer's report. Conclusions and Cause of Failure Total failure of the crankpin bearing shells from No.8 crankshaft journal and the heavy adhesive wear present on the other bearing shells was caused by direct rubbing contact with the journals due to a breakdown of the hydrodynamic oil film between the bearing surfaces and crankshaft journals as a result of oil starvation. Continued operation of the engine under these conditions led to increased wear and bearing clearance until the piston contacted the cylinder head. There was no evidence of failure of the oil pump supply system, however it is conceivable that the oil level was low in the rear sump under extremely dynamic driving situations but this would have been recorded in the data system and it is noted that the original fault in February 2013 was display of the warning light but the cause is not identified on the job sheet. The oil was changed in conjunction with the Vanos variable units in May.The vehicle has covered some 2900 miles since the warning light displayed in February. The repairer reported to BMW technical that both variable timing units were cracked and overheated suggesting that they had been starved of oil but this also would have been recorded as a DTC which has not been identified. The repairer suggested the cause of failure was a broken tab on the crankpin bearing shell allowing the shell to turn in the housing, continued operation of the engine in this condition resulted in low oil pressure to the other bearings, but this is misconceived as the tab only locates the shell in the correct position but it is the pre-set bearing crush that determines the clamping force. In addition there was no evidence of movement on the bearing housing cracked joints to suggest incorrect crush of the shells. Final Opinion There was no evidence of any manufacturing, mechanical breakage or defect that could have caused heavy adhesive wear to the crankpin bearing shells, I am left in no doubt that this was caused by direct rubbing contact with the journals due to a breakdown of the hydrodynamic oil film between the bearing surfaces and crankshaft journals as a result of oil starvation. Turning of the bearing shell within the housing due to excessive clearance is recent.
  12. New M3 Driver!

    I dont think I would in future, especially not an external company warranty - i'd stick with the manufacturers if I went with any.
  13. New M3 Driver!

    Parts on backorder from Germany - now got a 320D to keep me going.
  14. New M3 Driver!

    Oh yes, i'll be pursing it further, just need BMW to diagnose the fault in the VANOS unit to determine what is causing the heating of the casing.
  15. New M3 Driver!

    Well just to update, I STILL don't have my car back and to further put a downer on things (so far) the warranty company aren't playing game either. Apparently the warranty assessor came to look at the car and what he discovered was that the plastic casing the enclosing the VANOS system has cracked due to heat and because of the heat causing the problem they determined it as non mechanical.....therefore said my claim has been rejected...great! Anyway, BMW are ordering a new VANOS unit and the total bill will come to £1650 so at least i can get the car back!! As for the warranty company (its a company called Customer Protect) is obviously not BMW warranty so lesson learned for next time is to always go with manufacturer warranty not some other shoddy outfit. Its not the end of by any means as obviously something either friction/something loose etc has caused the heat to generate and crack the casing, once BMW have that unit off and can inspect further hopefully that will show a 'mechanical failure' of sorts and therefore produce a warranty claim, not holding out though. To even further put a downer on things, BMW wont even give me a courtesy car, again because its an external warranty company BMW don't normally take on the work therefore they won't give me one, even though once I got it to the garage I was advised not to drive it at all as it will only get worse. They are doing it as a 'favour' but to be honest it just turned out to be one big pain in the arse!!! To be continued....