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  1. Stealing to order?

    You might get a letter from the police. I sold my R earlier this year, but before I did I got some booklets and a letter saying they were contacting all R32 owners in West Yorks advising them to beef up their home security to prevent break-ins by people looking for the keys as the R32 is the 'most wanted' on the car thief's list at the moment.
  2. News of Joy!!

    I wouldn't worry about 24k miles on a CBR 600 engine; those motors are legendary for their reliability. Unless it's been very badly looked after it'll be fine and the rest of the bike should be too. Love to see some pics when you get chance.
  3. Another R32 Gone

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Since the VED bands have changed (or will from 2009), you can't buy a more expensive to tax car than the MK4 .:R and unfortunately it's the only car in its sector which falls into the top band. [/ QUOTE ] True...but f**k it. You didn't buy an .:R32 if you're worried about running costs! [/ QUOTE ] Absolutely! I didn't give a toss about the running costs when I bought it. The point now though is that when you come to sell, the people who are looking to spend MK4 R money aren't necessarily the same people who want to pay for the (relatively) immense running costs. It's the same old addage which causes high-end BMWs and Merc's etc to plummet - a £12k car with £30k+ car running costs - and it's taken on a whole new level with the new tax scheme (and spiralling fuel costs of course). As I've said previously in this thread I was at the end of my term with the R so it's not that I'm selling now because of the costs. But, if I was thinking of keeping it for another 6 months or so, I'd probably think again now.
  4. Another R32 Gone

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] ....Sorry, but I just don't get this "I'm going to buy a new car to replace my 1 or 2 year old R32/whatever high tax/thirsty car so the new one costs less to run", unless your car has come to the end of it's natural life with you. Think of the money you're pissing away [/ QUOTE ] This was the point i was trying to get at. It would cost me the best part of 10k to get an Edition 30 to replace my R32 [/ QUOTE ] I'd say it could cost you considerably more than £10k to get yourself into an Ed30 from a MK4 R now. I totally agree with the thought that there's no point selling just because of the increasing running costs, but if you're at the end of your tenure with the car (as I am after a 4-year innings with it ) then selling sooner rather than later has to be the way forward, I think.
  5. Another R32 Gone

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Mine's going too - new one ordered today! And yes, it's another diesel replacing an R32... [/ QUOTE ] And..............what is it? [/ QUOTE ] It's a Golf GT Sport 170ps. I'm another who thinks the secondhand R32 market is going to take a serious hammering very soon - how many people looking for a £12k (ish) hot hatch will be considering a MK4 R32s with their associated running costs now? I'm sure there'll still be an enthusiast market for them - they're a fantastic car after all - but with an ever shrinking market prices are surely going to take a nose-dive over the next 6 months aren't they? Since the VED bands have changed (or will from 2009), you can't buy a more expensive to tax car than the MK4 .:R and unfortunately it's the only car in its sector which falls into the top band.
  6. Another R32 Gone

    Mine's going too - new one ordered today! And yes, it's another diesel replacing an R32...
  7. Mk IV R32 Value?

    I've just been offered a few quid short of £13k for mine in p/x for a Golf GT Sport 170ps diesel. Obviously that's not a true figure as there's some discount on the new car worked into the px value, so I reckon they offered me about £11.5-12k if you pick the bones out of the salesman's waffle and what he offered the GT at for a cash purchase with no p/x. I didn't think that was bad at all considering the lead-balloon-like depreciation that's certain to set in with cars like the R32 over the next month or so. (For reference, mines a '53 with full leather, new tyres, has done just 23,000 miles and is in 'as new' condition.)
  8. I'd post about the ARBs in some other places. the R32 bars make a great upgrade from standard for S3s and TTs sharing the Golf MK4 platform, so they might well be of interest to someone.
  9. R32's from built from Jan 08 onwards Tax Band F?

    [ QUOTE ] If it's an error in the V5 then I guess it would have to be changed. There was an issue a few months back where new S3 V5's were showing on V5's as 2.0T Quattro models and it required changing of the Registration Documents. [/ QUOTE ] Ah, right. I didn't realise you were meaning that the lower figure could have applied at the time yours was built, but that they had mistakenly applied the higher figure. if there's been a mistake, then I'd guess there's a chance. If they've simply managed to improve the figure on newer builds then I'd think you're out of luck. Fingers crossed for you anyway.
  10. R32's from built from Jan 08 onwards Tax Band F?

    But what I'm saying is, any changes don't apply retrospectively. Your car was given its banding when registered and that's what you're stuck with. Have a look at DVLA vehicle check to see what your banding is. Whatever it says is what you'll be stuck with forever unfortunately.
  11. Grange Moor B6118 - Fail to stop accident

    [ QUOTE ] It happened just outside Grange Moor heading towards the Flockton roundabout. [/ QUOTE ] That's only about 5 miles from me. Well done getting the plate and passing it on. As you say, it's people like us who end up footing the bill for others. I have to say I wouldn't be suprised if the driver who legged it wasn't insured though.
  12. R32's from built from Jan 08 onwards Tax Band F?

    Surely that will only apply to vehicles built after any change the manufacturer makes? I don't think any change claimed for a vehicle's emissions, once registered, affect the rate of VED paid.
  13. Another 6463 Update Problem

    [ QUOTE ] I had mine hesistate at low rpms when pulling out of junctions which some would call a "flat spot". Its very hard to explain but it feels like there isnt enough fuel/air going into the engine which caused the hesistation, it was easily cured by more throttle, not ideal though. [/ QUOTE ] The problem was traced to the knock sensing system being over sensitive and so it was backing off the ignition timing when it shouldn't have done. As Riz has described, the hesitation was felt at basically any time you wanted to put your foot down and extract some performance, whether over-taking or pulling away or whatever.
  14. Another 6463 Update Problem

    [ QUOTE ] the 6463 update is only for cars that need it if yours hasnt got it, then you may not need it so vw dealers dont always update your ecu hafizur [/ QUOTE ] All MK4 R32s need the upgrade - VW didn't release it until well after all the UK cars had been built. It was late summer 2004 when 6463 was released to the dealers.
  15. Jamie Witham R1 Test Ride

    [ QUOTE ] Thats looks like its from the dealers in huddersfield..... very funny [/ QUOTE ] Yes, it's Earnshaws. I can remember him being sponsored by them about 20 years ago - we used to go down and drool over his bikes.