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  1. Headlamp clip

    Hello, Just to let you know that I bought a headlight from ebay took it to the garage and they were able to transfer the clip onto my headlight! Perfect! And saved me around £120. Thanks for your help guys, much appreciated!
  2. Headlamp clip

    Thank you, I really do hope it works.
  3. Headlamp clip

    Thank you. This is the one that I have found atm, do you think this would work? I only need the clip that holds the bulb in place. 9N VOLKSWAGEN POLO HATCHBACK N/S/F PASSENGER SIDE HEADLIGHT SPARES OR REPAIR | eBay
  4. Headlamp clip

    I have found a 9N VOLKSWAGEN POLO HATCHBACK N/S/F PASSENGER SIDE HEADLIGHT and have been told that if the model of my car is a 9N it will fit. As far as I am aware the model of my car is a POLO E SDI. Does anyone know if this headlamp will fit my car? or if the clip will be any use to me? Any help is very welcome
  5. Headlamp clip

    Hello, I am now on the hunt for a whole second hand head lamp, as I have been told that this will be cheaper than a new one. However this is proving to be very difficult. I've had a look on ebay but am reluctant to buy something as I'm really not confident when it comes to knowing exactly what type of headlamp I need. I never imagined that a clip would be so hard to get hold of
  6. Headlamp clip

    I've tried, no luck
  7. Headlamp clip

    Please Help!! I have tried everywhere I can think of to find a clip that secures the bulb unit onto the headlamp. No one has one. I have been told that without this clip I will need to buy a completely new headlamp which is going to cost in the region of £180! Can anyone help, owner of Polly an '02 VW Polo Many Thanks, Natalie