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  1. MK Meet - Weds 2nd May

    I hope to make this one - would be good to catch up. Tone
  2. Parking Sensors Going Crazy

    Well finally the car went in for a service and they looked at the sensors and said they were aftermarket - not factory fitted. Also the speaker was placed under the rear seat (the audio feedback was very quiet) and that was the wrong place - should have been under rear shelf. Anyway they decided to replace all of them and relocate the said speaker - the bill was 475quid but sales (in Northampton Audi) covered it, which was good - so they are working again. I just got my 2nd year warranty renewal through - just over 1000 pounds - but its saved my 2k just this year so its going to have to be had - now however as its run by Mondial you can pay monthly and I'll add a 100 excess to reduce it I guess.. Thanks for your feedback chaps - appreciated.
  3. I had a Y reg B6 A4 SE 130 Tdi and it was great - at a steady 70mph it could fetch 55-60MPG I recall doing a trip to Ipswich long the A14 sticking to 50-60 and it was well into the 60's but when it went wrong - it really went wrong! After some 30k miles (got it with 18k on the clock) the release bearing broke and fell into the gearbox - needed a new one and clutch which was fortunately done under warranty! I didnt really rag the car at all and it was very good - but after the above failing traded it in for a Golf Mk5 GT 2.0TDi which was frekkin terrible. Tone
  4. Hi All Just started getting some strange beeps off the rear factory fitted parking sensors, I get a long beep follwed by two short ones and then a long one again (yeah I had to think about it too) whils the car is still in Audi warranty I'm hoping these are covered! Anyone got any ideas why this happens? I've done some googling and saw removal of a fuse (17) may reset them, but the problem is intermittent. Cheers Tone
  5. A4 B7 temp issue

    Just had this fixed today - it was the CTS - changed it FOC (under extended warranty) and they also fixed a fuel leak for me. Got heating running at proper temp now - aaahhh! Tone
  6. Insurance Query

    When I moved I reported the fact and the chap asked if I still put the car in the garage - I explained that at that time the garage was full of boxes! That I would try and clear it within the next month, he explained that they assume the car would be garaged overnight at least 51% of the time - which makes this quite flexible! I was shocked to be honest! I think also the 14p reduction says something about the postcode you live in (maybe) my postcode turned out to be really better than the old one so again it wasnt much difference in using the garage or not. After having my car ransacked by some little feckers many years ago I just prefer to garage my car, so whatever the saving is its something back.. Tone
  7. A4 B7 temp issue

    How much is one of them? I drove over to Gloucester today - accross country and managed a whopping 40mpg because the temp didnt rise from more than 60c, I spoke with Ed at APS who kindly gave me some advice - one of which go back to Audi and ask them to look at it - which I have done - I was reminded of the £83+vat diagnosis fee to which I reminded her that the car has just had some major head work and is under an Audi Warranty which then scrubbed the fee! I'll take it in next Tuesday and see what happens - I expect to get a bill after the £2500 repair bill for losing coolant!! Tone
  8. average speed cameras

    I have wondered this for a while - I dont have cruise - but usually reset my average MPH on the DIS and keep an eye on it - as long as I stay under 55 I feel ok - I always wondered if it was averaging between each pair of cameras or from the start to finish - again I have also gone up and hidden behind a HGV if I felt I had gone too fast. I used to blast up and down the M1 a few years back when they were widening the section from M25 up to Luton and I have done well over the limit then, never got anything.. now however I belive in sods law much more! I'll have a look at the link Cuprabob put up so thanks for that mate..
  9. A4 B7 temp issue

    Hi Chris Thanks for the reply. Recently I had a new head fitted after it was leaking the coolant - that was about a month ago. It was done under warranty at considerable cost! I am wondering if this is at all related - I think the thermostat is probably the culprit - being completely non mechanic I will have to take it back to the Audi dealer I think! I can see a biggish repair bill coming - maybe I'll take it to APS for this but wonder if the thermostat and associated work would be warranty? The car is 07 2.0TDI DPF - what do you reckon? The temp is just going above the 50C so just about coming up from its "off position" so I dont think its the dash - when they fitted the head and replaced the coolant they could have screwed with the CTS... maybe I am being paranoid! Thanks again Tone
  10. MK Meet - Weds 1st Feb

    Hi Ian should be along - as long as I've shaken my man flu! Tone
  11. A4 B7 temp issue

    Hi Chaps Just returned from heathrow back up to MK and the temp gauge didn't get above about 50c. Although I can take it back to Audi I was wondering if anyone has any idea on why this may happen? Thanks Tone
  12. 2007 A4 DPF Water loss

    Hi Chaps Yeah they have renewed the oil and filter - tried to see if I could have the service indicator reset but they say there are a few other things that are done on the next service so wouldnt mark the book as "serviced" which is a shame! I'm gonna pick it up today. Cheers Tone
  13. MK Meet - Weds 7th Dec

    Apart from being pitch black it was too cold IMHO! Good laugh though - look forward to meeting up in Feb! Tone
  14. Anyone recommend a hotel in central Rome?

    Ive just had a quick look on Expedia (emailed the hotel for prices too) and the cheapest room is £156 a night! Although with flights and 3 nights its £751 so its not too bad when flights are in that. As I mentioned I stayed at the Radisson over by the main railway station in 2006 and we walked all over Rome for a few days - loved the place.. but that hotel was further away from the main sights - FortySeven is closer to Ancient Rome which is good! Thanks again! Tone
  15. 2007 A4 DPF Water loss

    Audi called today and have approved the head replacement - they are going to change the timing belt and water pump for me (£225 for the parts) as they have most of the gubbins out and it should save me £200-300 in getting that done when I hit the mileage. Will the engine have been drained of oil for all this (sorry if that sounds a stupid question...)? Cheers Tone