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  1. Esp not working

    Hi folks I have a mk4 gttdi golf and when I hit the esp switch it doesn't activate and when I start the car the light does not appear on the dash so am asking if anyone could tell me how I could sort it maybe there is a fuse gone but I can't find it on the fuse card help please and thanks
  2. injector problems

    thanks dude will give it a go and let u know cheers again
  3. injector problems

    sorry kinda new to this. It seems to be slow of the mark and some times when i start the car it takes a few seconds to get the revs up the man i went to put it on his laptop and told me that an error came up and said injector problem. know it costs a lot to sort them out was hoping there might be an easy way around it if that helps u to help me cheers
  4. injector problems

    hi folks i have a vw golf gttdi 02 and was told i might have a faulty injector does anyone know how much it would cost to fix and if i dont do it right away will it do long lasting harm. cheers folks