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  1. NEWBIE: Buyers advise!

    Not an Audi
  2. NEWBIE: Buyers advise!

    I've had 15 years in A4's and finally the B7 2.0TDI is up for trade in. I've had enough. it's been a crock - graph of expenditure against time is linear. All sorts of problems - capped recently by a new EGR valve, and a few other bits, costing the best part of a grand.
  3. Power Loss above 3000rpm

    Topped up the coolant and it seems fine again....
  4. Hello all Long time since my last post. The wretched soot chucker is today almost powerless above 3000rpm. On two separate journeys, about 10 minutes into the journey, booted it to accelerate onto dual carriageway/m'way, no smoke, mo warning lights, but no power above 3000rpm. Any ideas - only had a new EGR valve, sensor and MAF about 3 months ago. Time for a Hyundai....
  5. New 5 series launched today

    Is it just a facelift or a completely new version...does not look overly different. front end seems very Mercedes like....
  6. So, car is in the garage again - it is now 4.5 years old! Had a hefty bill in January for the last AVS as there was a lot done - brakes - discs, pads, third AVS, etc. Total nearly a grand. Then in march, new boots all round, another grand. Now, to cap it all, need new glow plugs, new EGR valve, new MAF sensor and a new cam belt - another grand. Feckin car - that's 3 grand this year just to keep it on the road. Had serious issues on Friday - plumes of black smoke and extreme power loss. Ended up getting towed to a garage...:mad:
  7. Advice please!

    :mad: Was travelling home last friday following a van which strayed onto the central grass verge/reservation. A load of debris/rocks was thrown up into my car. I managed to get in front of the van and put on my hazards. I saw my O/S mirror, cap and mount was completely destroyed. Driver gave me his details. I called his company and it's now in the hands of their insurers, but he had made a statement essentially saying I'm telling a load of lies! What should I do? Do I have a case for the police? It's going to cost about £189 to fix.
  8. A short promo video featuring my car!

    :roflmao: Who's the jock cockey driving?
  9. bazza in a GTR...

    My, what a handsome chariot. Enjoy it Bazza.
  10. Why should I not buy a Seat Leon 2.0 TDI?

    Diesel Particulate filter - so straight zorsts. Go for it - welcome to the darkside!
  11. 2.0TDI Power Loss

    No further problems so far - been giving it some serious beans to clean it out. Watch this space, my confidence is still not high!
  12. Looks fab! Enjoy - we're not jealous.... ..honest
  13. 2.0TDI Power Loss

    2005 A4 2.0TDI (140PS) Driving to work today and gradual loss of power. After about 5 miles, could not above 60mph and there was no turbo kicking in at all. Very sluggish "acceleration" - you could barely tell the car was getting faster and revs would not go beyond 3000rpm. No lights on DIS - stopping and starting car did not help. Driving back home tonight - everything OK again. Any ideas?
  14. One less WR1

    OMG. Sorry to see that Simon. I can't believe how these things happen. Fingers crossed for your meeting tomorrow...
  15. S4 Has arrived!

    Ian - Looks fantastic - enjoy it fella+++