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  1. Cold start problems

    I am also no expert (unfortunately), but do a google on Volvo D5 cold start problems, and you will see a lot of posts saying that cold starting problems were cured by replacing the injectors (at vast cost to customers). My D5 is currently very sluggish starting when below 0 degrees (starter turns for at least 10 seconds before firing up) but there is no problem with the glow plugs and no smoke out the back when it does start. Start is fine when above 0 degrees. Sorry about the Volvo thread creep.
  2. Cold start problems

    Have you looked at the injectors. They can cause big cold start problems (as any Volvo D5 owner will tell you). Just a thought!
  3. Wiper advice needed!

    Thanks, I did try using brute force but gave up and was scared of damaging them. Mine too where put back incorrectly after a windscreen replacement by RAC. Also, after much arguing they put in a non Audi windscreen, and when I got the car back it was distorted. To be fair to them they then put in a Genuine Audi part without any further arguing, which was fine. Which one did they fit in yours?
  4. Wiper advice needed!

    "get a spanner and pop the wiper off yourself, it shouldn't take 2 minutes........" I wish, spent an hour and a very scratched up hand trying to do this. Looked at Elsawin and you need a wiper puller to pull it off the spline (which I do not have) as it needs a lot of force to get it off. Anyone ever managed to do it yet without the puller tool????
  5. Ipswich Audi

    Just had my 4th AVS and Cambelt done at Ipswich Audi on my 2.0TDi A3. I have been to 4 dealers now (including the laughable Vindis in Cambridge where I bought it). All I can say is I can highly recommend Ipswich Audi The staff are very friendly (especially the lovely Jo) and they carried out all the work requested under warranty without any arguement (which is more than can be said of the year long arguements I have had with other dealers "they all do that sir"). Their price is ridiculously cheap when compared with other dealers too (their quote was 300 quid cheaper than the jokers at Cambridge, and the actual total came in at even less). Once again, well done Ipswich Audi, I will be recommending you to all!
  6. My average now over 75k miles on my 2.0 TDi A3 is 59.4 (calculated - not DIS which was 5% out in Audis favour). Most tanks now give me 62+ mpg, although I do have a habit of slip streaming lorries all day. My Volvo V70 D5 (big car) only ever manages 45 mpg tops even when driving at my usual gradad pace. My old 1.6 Jetta TD only gave a max of 59mpg, so overall I am more than happy with the A3
  7. S3 stolen

    I've just noticed that My Mk1 GTI is on the most wanted list. Also things like very old Polo's and other old cars are Red. Is this list based on how easy it is to nick cars or desirability, or on the actual number of cars stolen. If it is the latter, surely there aren't that many MK1 GTis left and very few being nicked in a year??? Makes me worry though, mine is as original as when it left the factory, and I am the second owner from new. I would NEVER be able to replace it :-(
  8. Audi A3 Tyre wear

    My dad just taught me how to drive properly I do spend most days slipstreaming lorries on cruise control, but even so, I drive hard occasionally. If you run in a new tyre properly it makes a difference, and if you plan ahead properly to avoid unecessary braking it also makes a great difference. My average fuel consumption since new (4 years now) is 59.2mpg and my record for a tank of fuel is 67.8mpg - and that's calculated not using the DIS. My record for front tyres was on my old Jetta diesel which did 54k on a set of Contis. Now that was a proper car
  9. Audi A3 Tyre wear

    My rear P7s only lasted 71000 miles, and it was only due to the fact that they were worn unevenly (they were square) that I had to have them changed. They still had tread on them. Has anyone else had this problem. The guy at the tyre place (elite in Rainham) said that it was caused by a faulty shock, but on questioning Audi they said "they all do this" and refused to replace the shock. The front P7s did 43k each. You must all be driving with lead feet Has anyone else had these problems with there rear tyres?
  10. Rust Problem on 2003 A3 8P

    I know someone who's 3 door is going in this week to have the rust at the bottom of the doors sorted out. He sent me a picture too. He is having it done under warranty. Mine is ok luckily, but I will keep an eye on it a bit. I must say this is a bit dissapointing. I expect problems from my 1983 Golf, but not from a car of this ilk!!!
  11. Difficult Servicing Decision!

    I have found similar extremes relating to servicing costs. I have swapped from Cambridge to Peterborough to Bury St. Edmunds. For my last service (3rd AVS) I performed the usual ring around for amusement purposes. On calling Cambridge they said that they had noticed that I had used Bury St Edmunds on the last service and on telling them what B St E had quoted for this one, they matched it (dropping their price by over 200 quid). Strange isn't it!
  12. Dissapearing Coolant update

    The other thing to note is that I had an ongoing issue with this for a couple of years, in which time it went in for a couple of services (with the coolant loss being specifically investigated) and they didn't come up with the radiator problem. Just before the 3rd service I had done I did some research on the net, found out about radiator problems with Passats and told them. They completely denied all knowledge of problems with the radiator and only when I insisted they take a close look at it did they find a problem.
  13. Dissapearing Coolant update

    Mine was also not too bad, but I had it done for safetys sake, as I didn't want to risk it rupturing suddenly and causing head damage. VW actually only charged 178 quid fitted (as part of the service) which wasn't too bad.
  14. Juddering Clutch

    Thanks, I saw that thread and started having nightmares. I am hoping that it is just a tired release bearing. The clutch isn't slipping, and it only gets juddery whilst pulling away in 1st after a bout of stop start traffic (more so lately, at first it only happened after a good 20 minutes of London traffic). My first ever car (a 1.1 MK1 golf) did this when I bought it and a new clutch fixed that. Of course, cars are no longer as simple as this, so instead of spending £45 quid on parts and doing it myself, it will be a case of VAG and 600quid for a new fly wheel :-(
  15. Dissapearing Coolant update

    Strange thing is that ever since the radiator was replaced (4000m ago) the gauge has been fine again????? One day I will understand cars fully