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  1. MK Meet - Weds 5th June

    I know, you lot have moved location since we last met up, it will just be me this time
  2. MK Meet - Weds 5th June

    Can you add me to the list please
  3. MK Meet - Weds 4th April

    I will try and get along, only just got the car back from braking it last time!
  4. Auction Bargains

    I was sitting watching a BCA auction at brighouse using the liveonline feature earlier this week waiting for a later car to go through, as each car comes up you tend to price a car in your head, most I tend to get roughly right. However the one that caught me out was a Mazda RX8, they seem cheap as second hand cars, a 2006 56 Mazda RX8 35000 miles sold for £2600. A quick look on ebay suggests that was not a one off They got good reviews when new are they any good second hand or is that rotary engine a weak point?
  5. Make yourself a cuppa and enjoy fantastic little advert.

    I'm pretty sure Tobes49 used to have one of these into his work for servicing
  6. Its worth more than £1000 to me (the track car we are talking about) as I couldnt be bothered to start again, but it is fantastic, starts first time every time, drive it to the track, race around all day, drive it home and park it up again for a few months it really is that simple. Tobes handles the maintenance but the main thing we keep an eye on is the condition of the brake fluid. Obviously it shouldnt rust so there is no reason why we wont keep it for a good few more years yet. I put a build cost estimate on PPCmag forum I reckon you could make an A8 the same as our track one and enter the challenge for £720, bargain. Still got my road version too now with an extra couple of hundred horsepower to play with, when Shark gets round to giving it back to me anyway. Next project on the cards is an Ambulance!
  7. Apparently both Subarus were ok, the red Sti with big front mount intercooler was purchased for £1200 and £200 worth of parts sold, the blue one had cat c written on it and appeared to be running 3wd on the handling course! I was open and honest about the value of our car, maybe thats not the best policy after all.
  8. Depends how you measure worth, you can go and buy newer complete car off of ebay for £650+, we paid more than that originally but it was part stripped and that was over 3 years ago, unfortunately the current rules will never let us get a classification despite mixed messages suggesting it was ok throughout. Had a good day, just a shame the confusion and latterly the complete removal from any timing information put a slight downer on it. Get the feeling that if I was placed outside the top 3 my times would have been included.
  9. Think I set the cat amongst the pigeons when (at the time) I set the fastest time on the handling circuit, think my best of 25.3 still ended up being second quickest. Nice to meet you finally Mr Duisberg :D
  10. Gearbox woes?

    Ouch, that sounds painful, unfortunately common though. try getting in chap with a guy called TozoM8 on and he may be be able to give you some guidance
  11. Kubica suffers leg and arm fractures in crash

    Martin Brundle posted on twitter the other day that Robert can move his right wrist but not yet move his finger or elbow, that really brought home to me the long lasting effects of his injury. Its all to easy to think he is recovering and will be back soon, the reality seems to suggest it will be a long time before he has recovered.
  12. So what car next then?

    If it were me I'd go down the phaeton/A8 route
  13. So what car next then?

    To give that a fair balance, my family had two 1.9tdi Superb comforts from new, both now done over 250,000miles with hardly any trouble, one has got a problem at the moment with worn cam lobes but I believe that it happens on the audi's too. The only other problem we had was actually caused by dirty fuel so can't really blame the car for that.
  14. Surreal experience on the M40

    I thought the speed limit was high 90's on the M40 :D