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  1. HP4 Race

    Awesome machine. 145kg and 215bhp - thats insane.
  2. Moto GP 2017

    Shite - sorry - wrong thread
  3. Moto GP 2017

    Bit of New Zealand off road for yer
  4. John Surtees CBE

    Aside from being the only person to win bike and F1 championship he really was one of the greatest ever bike riders. Between 1958 and 1960 he won 32 of 39 races and was the first to win the Isle of man TT 3 years on the trot. Seven world championships in two classes. 350cc – 1958, 1959, 1960 500cc- 1956, 1958, 1959, 1960 What a rider …..
  5. MT-10

    The throttle is an issue (for me at least). Most of the issue is me getting used to it. (I'm sure a trash at a track will help). I have spent a lot of time on careful ergo, throttle slack, suspension setup and taking every chance to ride I can (even after dark). It is improving. It's quite a weapon even after owning R1s etc. More kit arriving this week. Going for this kind of look. I didnt order the Yamaha panniers (very pricey and I have other ideas anyway.). A new "comfort" seat is on the way (very necessary) with a quickshifter, screen, tailrack, handguards and some other bits. Already fitted an Akrapovic titanium exhaust (sounds nice without being obnoxious) Hoping to get a big ride in with a mate before summer fizzles out here.
  6. Incoming MT09 (2017)

    Enjoy the bike Bazza - looks great and they go really well. One of the best bikes out there at the moment... I'm confused though.....2 bikes ? whats that all about ?
  7. MT-10

    I bit the bullet and swapped my R1 for an new MT10. I loved the R1 but it killed me on long trips and I dont seem to get the track days in to justify it. The MT10 is a very different animal and after 20+ years of sports bikes its taking a bit of getting used to. It has super-fast handling made faster by the wide bars and the throttle response is tricky. It has more torque than the R1 and is deceptively quick up to 100mph. I have a load of kit on order to convert the bike in to a bit of tourer. Should arrive this week. I want to see some of NZ on this bike without missing out on the odd trackday..
  8. My boy's new bike

    Just thought I would update this thread with a few pics etc. Dylan is 18 now. Left school a couple a couple of months ago (good exam results, having a gap year, no job yet). Super-fit. He still has the R6 but his great love is racing the F4 150cc bike and is riding the NZ North Island championship. Its such a cool set of races as there are some great tracks in beautiful locations. Hard racing with a great clubs scene. I've been doing some photography for the club for the past few meetings so will add a few below. If anyone wants to keep up with the club on facebook jump on HERE One special event was a 2 hour endurance. He rode as part of a 2 man team with a mate who bought our previous bike and then modded it in to a ripper. They did very well with an 8th place (of 20+). These look like basic bikes (and many are) but some are pretty trick.... He also did his driving test so we got an MX5 as his first car. They are cheap and so is insurance here. We all love this car. Not the most mechanically/electrically sound car I have seen but we are enjoying fixing it and driving it... what a great car this is... just fantastic fun. I love it and I want one. We had some fun on my fave road... Lastly, this week I did a roadtrip to the East cape of NZ with a mate I went to uni with in London back in 1984. Stunning coastal scenery and fantastic roads (with no cops ) My bike is the ultimate combination of pleasure and pain. On the right road & circumstance, there is no other bike better. It is beyond epic. Alternately, after about 2-3 hours its f ucking murder. I came back yesterday determined to sell the bastard and get something kinder to my poor battered skeleton. Today I walked in to the garage and decided... no f ucking way. Anyway... a few pics from the trip for your viewing pleasure
  9. Almost a new biker....

    Try this firm : Offer available here :
  10. Boo had to use BMW Mobile assistance

    I had one recently with my A8. At a race meeting we had the boot open all day to access stuff which I think meant the boot interior light was on all day. This flattened the already suspect battery. At the end of the day, we packed up. Shut the boot & got in the car to go. Car was dead. It has keyless start normally so then tried inserting the key in to the ignition...nothing... but also I couldnt then remove the key... like there is some sort of solenoid which allows the key to be released. OK... so the battery is flat. Nothing works. Time to access the battery. I have a jump start pack for the bike so will use that to get the car going. But the start pack and the car's battery is in the boot and the boot catch is electronic. It has a hidden key hole also but the key is locked in the ignition lock. There is no other access to the boot and no way to jump start from anything in the engine compartment. After an hour we were the last car left in the car park. I happen to try the boot catch again and with the last volts in the battery the catch opens and I can access the boot. The battery pack didnt have the grunt to start the car but a kindly chap with a big 4x4 helped also.... it was still a swine to start with both. What should have been a simple jump start turned in to a nightmare caused by electronic security/luxury "features" that are useless without power.
  11. Cheap S1000RR Anyone?

    Absolute stupidity... hopefully the thieves are more stupid and get caught. Bike thieves are absolute scum.
  12. Almost a new biker....

    Nice one Bazza. One more of us, one less of them. MT09 is the one to go for.
  13. The Grand Tour

    Just watched it. Liked it very much. Its a whole new level above Top Gear.
  14. New Zealand

    Sounds like a cool trip. I just had a mate over do a similar thing and he loved it. I'm planning a bike trip hopefully around March. This is the route I'm thinking of... Camper vans can be fun but also quite expensive to rent and run. They are well practiced at slapping on extra charges (including 3% for using a credit card) A car is much cheaper and easier. Petrol is cheap here and there's plenty of last minute accomodation on and trivago. I'd be strongly inclined to wing it in a comfy car. Cheaper car hire is away from the airport... shop around. North Island : Check out Rotorua and Tongariro National Park near Taupo. If you prefer not to do a huge road trip to the South Island, check out the Coromandel. Great beaches. South Island, check out the west coast route, base in Queenstown and tour from there. Lots to see & do. Milford Sound is a must. Have fun.... let me know if I can help.
  15. There could be something new coming

    Chirpy noises and effortless speed are interesting....