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  1. Young persons' car insurance

    My son (19) has an old Mazda MX5 - Here in NZ it costs (me) NZ$55 per month fully comp. (approx £30 per month). Just for fun I went on for a quote.... £9500 per year was the best quote. Thats a measure of how out of control the UK insurance is. Is there a better way ? Here in NZ there is a completely different regime for most forms of insurance called ACC. Effectively the government takes liability for all injury accident claims. This is paid for by a vehicle charge. It means safer cars pay less in ACC charge. (e.g. My A8 costs NZ$80 per year but my bike costs $522). It also means compensation is strictly limited and there are thin pickings for the lawyers. The only downside is personal injury/death compensation for a bad accident is low. In fact you would get more for your damaged car than a death and I think that needs to be addressed. Sounds like communism but there are clear benefits to people and the economy as a whole. The government is prohibited from using the scheme to raise revenue as general taxation. The result is rates that can go down as well as up (my car tax keeps going down for some reason). It also means young people can run a car and become employable and economically active. Something which is denied to young people in the UK.
  2. South Africa

    Great pics - South Africa is amazing - I go there 2-3 times a year. Whenever I get the chance I try to see something new. I am there next week and then to Malawi and Uganda and then the UK (Not been home for 4 years)
  3. Insurance quote

    Hi Lussac - yes still in the area. Lots of new houses in the Millwater area. House prices and rents have gone absolutely nuts here. Lack of housing supply and demand from around the world. Its a bad situation for the next generation. Exchange rates are bad from the UK . We still have pension schemes in the UK - the pound has fallen a lot. Selling at the top of the house market here and going back to the Uk would be a smart financial move but I am not sure we would do that. Rentals in Orewa are a bit prime... plenty of good choice else where. Hope you can make it back next year.
  4. Insurance quote

    Another one. Last year road tax for my A8 went down from $158 ( £87) per year to $88 (£48). This year it went down again to $74 (£41). Road tax is mainly based on safety of the vehicle. Bike tax is pricey $560 ( £ 311).
  5. Insurance quote

    I have just been talking to my son (19) about insurance on his car. He has a Mazda MX5. Old , cheap and a bit tatty but gets him about. Worth £2,000. His insurance here in NZ costs £30 ($55) per month. Fully comp. Just for fun I, went on for a quote for the same thing in the UK. Same conditions as here at my old address. £9500 was the cheapest quote. I knew youngsters basically can't have a car in the UK but jesus.... if that is not a measure of how bad insurance is in the UK I don't what is.
  6. F1 Aussie style

    Good race... watch it ..
  7. HP4 Race

    Awesome machine. 145kg and 215bhp - thats insane.
  8. Moto GP 2017

    Shite - sorry - wrong thread
  9. Moto GP 2017

    Bit of New Zealand off road for yer
  10. John Surtees CBE

    Aside from being the only person to win bike and F1 championship he really was one of the greatest ever bike riders. Between 1958 and 1960 he won 32 of 39 races and was the first to win the Isle of man TT 3 years on the trot. Seven world championships in two classes. 350cc – 1958, 1959, 1960 500cc- 1956, 1958, 1959, 1960 What a rider …..
  11. MT-10

    The throttle is an issue (for me at least). Most of the issue is me getting used to it. (I'm sure a trash at a track will help). I have spent a lot of time on careful ergo, throttle slack, suspension setup and taking every chance to ride I can (even after dark). It is improving. It's quite a weapon even after owning R1s etc. More kit arriving this week. Going for this kind of look. I didnt order the Yamaha panniers (very pricey and I have other ideas anyway.). A new "comfort" seat is on the way (very necessary) with a quickshifter, screen, tailrack, handguards and some other bits. Already fitted an Akrapovic titanium exhaust (sounds nice without being obnoxious) Hoping to get a big ride in with a mate before summer fizzles out here.
  12. Incoming MT09 (2017)

    Enjoy the bike Bazza - looks great and they go really well. One of the best bikes out there at the moment... I'm confused though.....2 bikes ? whats that all about ?
  13. MT-10

    I bit the bullet and swapped my R1 for an new MT10. I loved the R1 but it killed me on long trips and I dont seem to get the track days in to justify it. The MT10 is a very different animal and after 20+ years of sports bikes its taking a bit of getting used to. It has super-fast handling made faster by the wide bars and the throttle response is tricky. It has more torque than the R1 and is deceptively quick up to 100mph. I have a load of kit on order to convert the bike in to a bit of tourer. Should arrive this week. I want to see some of NZ on this bike without missing out on the odd trackday..
  14. My boy's new bike

    Just thought I would update this thread with a few pics etc. Dylan is 18 now. Left school a couple a couple of months ago (good exam results, having a gap year, no job yet). Super-fit. He still has the R6 but his great love is racing the F4 150cc bike and is riding the NZ North Island championship. Its such a cool set of races as there are some great tracks in beautiful locations. Hard racing with a great clubs scene. I've been doing some photography for the club for the past few meetings so will add a few below. If anyone wants to keep up with the club on facebook jump on HERE One special event was a 2 hour endurance. He rode as part of a 2 man team with a mate who bought our previous bike and then modded it in to a ripper. They did very well with an 8th place (of 20+). These look like basic bikes (and many are) but some are pretty trick.... He also did his driving test so we got an MX5 as his first car. They are cheap and so is insurance here. We all love this car. Not the most mechanically/electrically sound car I have seen but we are enjoying fixing it and driving it... what a great car this is... just fantastic fun. I love it and I want one. We had some fun on my fave road... Lastly, this week I did a roadtrip to the East cape of NZ with a mate I went to uni with in London back in 1984. Stunning coastal scenery and fantastic roads (with no cops ) My bike is the ultimate combination of pleasure and pain. On the right road & circumstance, there is no other bike better. It is beyond epic. Alternately, after about 2-3 hours its f ucking murder. I came back yesterday determined to sell the bastard and get something kinder to my poor battered skeleton. Today I walked in to the garage and decided... no f ucking way. Anyway... a few pics from the trip for your viewing pleasure
  15. Almost a new biker....

    Try this firm : Offer available here :