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  1. polo issues.. again

    well ive cleared the code anyway since i know what code it is now, i just dont like that light staring at me when im driving because i actually think im going to breakdown right in the middle of the road, so ive cleared that anyway! riight well im not gonna lie, this means nothing at all to me, but this sounds expensive.. which is never a good thing, but i shall take it upto my friend who knows a fair bit about cars and see if he knows what that all means! but it doesnt actually sound as serious as i thought, someone suggested my started motor? but like i said, i have absolutly no idea.
  2. polo issues.. again

    Im gonna apologise now as i know absolutly nothing about cars but the past couple of times ive posted on here its been a great help! so here goes... i have a vw polo, x reg (2000) its a 1.4 16v, the other day i went to start the car and it just made a grinding kind of noise and wouldnt fire up.. this happened about 6 times till it actually properly started.. then my engine manangement light came on.. again.. but last time it was my coil pack and has since been replaced and the car was running fine until the other day.. the car got plugged into a computer and i got the code P0441 and i was wondering if anyone could actually tell me what this means.. if anyone could it would be a great help! i should also probably mention the car a day or two before had a burst rubber pipe under the engine cover that got replaced asap.. incase that helps at all.. haha anyway ill be grateful of any help i can get! thanks.
  3. Timing belt..

    its a 2000 polo 1.4 Well one of the guys just told me to look around and see what kinda price i can get it, and see what like after that whether he can get it cheaper etc.
  4. Timing belt..

    So my car recently hit 66000 miles and has never had its timing belt done. Some mechanics have told me its okay till 70000 some have told me its long overdue and needs to get sorted asap. Was looking for abit of advice, as i dont know if the garage is trying to get more £££ out of me or if it actually needs done! If so, can anyone recommend anywhere to buy one thats good and not rediculously priced, because if i buy it all i have to pay for is labour so cuts the cost down abit! cheers.
  5. ongoing problem.

    Problem now solved! My 4th cylinder was faulty or something like that! but got new leads and some coil things and hes running fine now!
  6. ongoing problem.

    Haha! Im actually English but it still hurts! Well apparently it was something to do with my ignition cable or something? So hes put another one in and i have to run and see what its like and if it is just that and it fixes the problem hes ordering me a new one, so im just testing it out for him in a way! If it doesnt sort it i have to take it back and hell try and figure out what it is then.. What a load of bloody hassle! Yeah i thought the same thing! Thought ya only got charged for labour and parts but apparently not.. Get the car back tomorrow and hopefully Pablo the Polo will be okay! If not.. well hes no gonna be in my good books anyway!
  7. ongoing problem.

    Wish id seen this before! Took it to the garage and its been sat there for 4 days now.. and im also gettin charged for it just sitting there. I actually did get that mentioned to me before but being a typical lass i didnt pay attention and thought ah f*** it ill stick it to a garage.. Ill be listening from now on i think since it looks like im gonna be hit with a big bill!
  8. ongoing problem.

    its a 1.4 16v thats all i know about the engine! not really a 'i know alot about cars' kinda girl! im assuming theyre the 4 wire things with the silver bits on the end they put on my spark plugs after replacing them? haha. Would that have come up on the computer? with a code thing?
  9. ongoing problem.

    My x reg polo's engine management light recently started to flash at me and my trusty polo started to loose power, have no go at all, shuddered along the road, became jerky as anything, kept stalling and wouldnt start first time! So i took it to the garage where they plugged it into the diagnostic computer and it came back as a code for my spark plugs, so i got it sorted replaced all the spark plugs and he ran okay until the next day when the engine management light re appeared and once again the car has no power at all, isnt idling right, stalls about 2 or 3 times before he decides to go and is just jerky as hell on the road and seems reluctant to want to go at all! However the computer isnt coming up with any codes thats wrong with it and its really starting to annoy me since all im hearing is 'it might be this' so i pay for it to get done and it turns out not to be it at all, and i cant afford to keep replacing something that is making no difference. I also dont live any where near a VW garage so please dont say take it to one of them! Help..