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  1. Smart Phone of the Moment??

    I don't think anything of the sort about Android, I know very little about phones OS's, but I know about stable builds. But as I said why argue with "everything I state is always correct regardless...." I'm just wasting my time even offering an opinion with people like you on the forums. I'm not part of the TSN buddy group so why bother trying to contribute
  2. Smart Phone of the Moment??

    Your mates a bit of a d1ck then, mine seldom crashes (although there was a bit of a bug about 6 months ago that caused some them to crash a lot), GPS works a treat along with the camera, Bluetooth and all the other functionality.... But of course Tipex your one of the TSN massive that are always right, so what's the point in talking to you.
  3. Smart Phone of the Moment??

    I find the HTC UI very hard to use and much prefer the Samsung Touchwiz UI. The idea of android is a standard OS under the user interface. A bit like flavours of Linux with Redhat/Suse/Ubuntu etc. S4 on order for the 26th to replace the S3 which I've been very happy with, I "tinker" with it like crazy, rooting is a doddle, and although the main network providers take time to release OS's I can guarantee a new leaked ROM from Samsung every two to three weeks.
  4. Adam - a million choices - I don't think so

    So you could say a million choices about any car really, just by varying one option you can double the amount of choice, so besides the crap name what's new?
  5. Am I missing something here, not that I would be interested in buying a car called "Adam" or even "Adam Glam", but Vauxhall are touting this as the car with a million choices. I've just been on the Vaxhall website and it just looks like a small family car with about 5 engine choices and a several colours and 3 trim levels, how do they get a million out of that?
  6. Clicking is a sign of a break in the MMI loop caused by one of the modules failing, you need someone local with VCDS to do a loop test. it will tell you whats gone.
  7. Dension doesn't have SDS, so as mentioned it depends if you have a full SDS module installed in your radio which if your did have the SDS should still work, but I have to say sometimes when people carry out their own updates the SDS module doesn't update properly and will show a software level fault. To get around this your need update disk 3460 and 4420 to fix the SDS software.
  8. Audi A6 2010 S-Line fuse location

    I think I sort of told you that there is not a fuse for the individual parts, the mirror adjuster will be attached to the door control ECU along with the windows up/down controls, door latch, window motor, mirror motor. If it was the fuse then the whole door would have stopped functioning.
  9. If it's not too bad I always ghost the disk to another new one and just reboot with the new disk in place and the old one removed.
  10. Well each door has it's own controller module and motors, but it is controlled from the drivers door. Messages being sent to either motor depending which way you have the mirror selector knob turned. Just out of interest, you have turned the knob left or right for each mirror? it's not in the center position? If it's not working it's likely to be that switch/adjuster as both motors would not have failed.
  11. You don't need to unbolt the seat from the floor. It's forward enough to get to without removing the seat.
  12. Not really in my interest, but if people do updates and it goes wrong it can be expensive and that's when I get the call ala Ghostbusters Just for the record, nice car, although not a fan of the LWB i do love the D3 A8's and I miss my W12 and S8's badly at times. As for the AUX inputs, yes £30, but no stock.
  13. And do you have VCDS to put back the settings that get lost in the updates?
  14. If you have a Motorola handset in the armrest with a SIM slot it is a phone, so you cannot pair another phone to it. To get bluetooth you would need to replace the handset system with a bluetooth system. And if you do decide to update any other members systems with your 5570 disks then be prepared to buy them a new bluetooth module if you feck theirs up as can happen.
  15. If there is a God.....

    I only heard it on the radio driving home after a really bad day down south fighting my way through crap traffic in London, but after the full days build up on the radio about it being the game "the world will watch" it was dull as dishwater. The only excitement being Nani's exit.