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  1. yes my partner collected hers from Perth Audi sunday the 21/8/2011.salesman confirmed that they only have 2 slots left for the RS3 and that will be their final allocation.Perth Audi is one of only two garages in Scotland(the other is Glasgow) that are franchised by Audi to sell R8s.They seem to get preferential treatment when it comes to RS models,as regards a higher number of RSs and R8s.In fact the salesman was telling me that they had secured 6 slots for the R8 GT.3 of which there are now 3 cars with their lucky owners.
  2. R8-How Wide?

    All the figures are on the Audi web site.its the last part of the configuration page under specifications.
  3. We dont need another hero!

    the incredible ibis white RS5 arrived in november 2010.the noise(sports exhaust), the handling, the finish,the small discreet finishes ,that the so called RS5 experts that write in these forums fail to mention,probably because the BMW blinkered motoring press forgot to notice them when they were on one of their jolly junkets,or could it be that they dont actually own one?i get really pi**ed of with their posts saying" oh the M3 this and of course the C63 that blah blah blah".yes we all have an opinion,which i would rather here from someone who actually owns and drive one of these incredible cars on a daily basis.
  4. can't find a car?!?

    try pistonheads.com,they have wadds of Rs for sale ,under classifieds mucker
  5. Autocar say a "revised S5" is coming

    evo or car magazine,actually had the rs5 on a road test with the m3!you can check on old tests on their website.so there you go
  6. Head or heart??

    go for the s5.i have just traded my 56 plate r32,with 44k,cost me £27k to change,20"double arm alloys,cruise,dab,comfort pack,carbon inlays,ibris white,red leather.get a test drive in an s5,its mental...and the rip from the big v8,go on spoil yourself.(pictures of my golf on piston heads.com,classifieds,its the red one)
  7. S3 Sportback for sale (poss)

    flat bottom wheel is standard on new car!are you sure you are not getting the end of the run old model?
  8. New Focus ST with 5 cylinders !!

    when did autocar start using photos from autoexpress? <font color="red"> </font>
  9. New R32 OWNERS survey, updated format

    why is tornado red ,the ultimate colour! not included in your survey,not to mention 4 other colours you can find on the vw used car section.beebeleeboo <font color="red"> </font>
  10. Warning lights and bleepers

    SHMASHINNNNNN <font color="red"> </font>
  11. R32 Exhausts... how do you clean yours.

    do autoglym do a weed killer for monoblock?
  12. Saggy seats?

    they do not replace the leather!i have had mine done ,they replace the seat frame
  13. had update car going like other problems:water in xenons(replaced0,squeaky seats(replaced),headlight washer leaking(replaced),knocking noise coming from o/s door, been in to Advantage(stirling)5 times ,unable to fix!VW GB DONT GIVE A DAM,AND AS FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONING TO FIND OUT HOW THINGS WENT AT THE DEALER ,WELL I DONT UNDERSTAND, AND THEY DONT UNDERSTAND R32 PROBLEMS IN DHELLI