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  1. Check very carefully for any exhaust leaks, specifically near the cat and O2 sensors. Then check the intake system for any air leaks, specifically after the maf sensor. It's an emissions problem, and that usually means an incorrect air mixture (pre ignition) or an incorrect exhaust gas mixture, being sensed by the o2 sensors. Of course it could also be that the engine is burning oil and this is causing the emissions light to come on, in which case it's a major engine overhaul.
  2. New ISP, O2 - looks promising!

    Gonna go have a look....:D Nope. Nothing showing. Bugger.
  3. Was in Morrisons yesterday and they have the cheap / cheerful Navman S30 3D units on offer for £60. That's about £15 quid cheaper then the best web price. These are the newer versions aswell with 3D rendering apparently. :D
  4. New ISP, O2 - looks promising!

    Just tried to sign up with O2 and unfortunately I'm outside their area. But they can still do me their access package or something which is little less than what I pay at the moment. :mad:
  5. Goldfish bowl wanted.

    Cheers mate. pm on its way.
  6. Goldfish bowl wanted.

    Well, if I was going to send it I'd line a cardboard box with bubblewrap, pop it in the middle and fully pack it with more bubblewrap, tape it up, mark in big letters "Glass - Fragile - Handle with care" and send it via Royal Mail. Then I'd just have to hope and pray it got there. I know our postman at this end is very careful and considerate, and I would think that's the weakest link in the chain. If you want to try then I'll certainly cover costs. Thanks.
  7. Goldfish bowl wanted.

    Cheers for the offer mate, but it's specifically a bowl I need. I have loads of tanks (10 in total at the moment, in use) and a few spares, but they're all square sided tanks. I need a bowl so that an airline stuck to one side of the bowl will set up a rotational circulation pattern round the bowl, and this doesn't happen in a flat sided tank. Like this...
  8. Goldfish bowl wanted.

    That's a result. I thought someone might have one. Can I ask what the dimensions are please. Standing height from base to top lip, and either the widest diameter or circumference. Or if you're really enthusiastic a measurement of the volume in ltrs would be ideal. Then how much, and finally, do you think it would make it to North Yorks in the post?
  9. Goldfish bowl wanted.

    Unfortunately it needs to be glass. It's for a breeding tank, and acrylic scratches too easily. Then the eggs/fry stick to the scratched areas, stop circulating in the water flow, and subsequently die. Thanks though.
  10. Goldfish bowl wanted.

    Anyone have one knocking about that they don't need? I need one so if it's local to me I can collect. Local pet shop wants neck end of £40 for one, and my usual supplier close to home can't get hold of them.
  11. Sound deadener/engine guard thingy

    Yes it's called a sound deadener and the part number for the 150 engine is 1J0 825 236 G, whigh reads as a different one to all the other tdi engines. Most likely due to the fact that it has the front mount intercooler. The other models part number is 1J0 825 237 M 190 Euros sounds expensive. I paid £60 for mine when the wife trashed ours. The sump however cost more than that.
  12. Snow preparations, poll 2

    In answer to the other points raised, I just drove into my local tyre fitters and asked if he had any winter tyres. He had another batch coming in that afternoon as the first load he got in went within days. He shifts a load of them up here, so all you need to do is ask at your local place. they cost about £5 over the usual budget tyres I fit to the van aswell. Edit: the bloke runs his works van on them all year aswell, and has no issues at all with them in summer. Admittedly, he doesn't race with them on, but then again the speed limit is always going to be max 70mph.
  13. Snow preparations, poll 2

    Gcab, I brought this up yesterday on another forum. I fitted a pair of Toyo Snowprox to the front of the van in October last year. This week I had the opportunity to find out what they were like, and I'm very impressed. I was barging up hills where only tractors had gone before and many cars had turned and gone back (judging by the tyre tracks). Final test for the day was a 1 in 6 hill about half a mile long, where cars had tried and only tractors / landrovers had managed. I sailed out the top through 6 inches of snow with not too much trouble at all. I'd be surprised if I'd got anywhere near half way up on standard tyres. Admittedly, I'm a farmers lad and spent many years driving through snow on tractors when I was young, and I don't scare easily in the van. But the traction was seriously good. Also, it's a different rubber compound with higher silica content, and this gives improved braking in lower temperatures over summer tyres, which could mean the difference between a minor shunt at 5mph with no damage and a rather hefty shunt with airbags going off in your face. If anyone has any doubts about the validity of winter tyres, they're not just about snow!
  14. What year is the Touran, and how many miles has it done? I presume it's nearly new?

    I'd presume so. He hasn't visited the site for some 16 months now.