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  1. Cleaning in cold weather

    I need to get down n dirty on both cars, filthy after trips to Northumberland and Scotland in the dirty and snow. Needs a right good going over.Been jetwashing to keep some dirt off but its a good days job on both to really clean them. Oh well thats my Sundays sorted ;-)
  2. Whistler Blackcombe

    I can cope (sometimes i get the fear) with Black runs Simon and good lady has been on black runs for years . Yea heard it can get wet. In January looking for some where for 4 days with good mix of runs with good powder.
  3. Rainbow does Top Gear

    Love it.............
  4. Whistler Blackcombe

    Hi Guys, Thinking about a nice week in March to Whistler and wanted to gauge thoughs on this resort, it looks fantastic and worth the trip. Just looking for advice, tips and is it really worth it. Also going to look for January Euro resort for week so any thoughs please let me know, Thinking Austria Many thanks Steven.
  5. Ferrarri 458 in White

    The 458 is a work of art, i love it from every angle. Shame they are ending up in flames ;-(
  6. Need new pads

    Is still good place to buy?
  7. Need new pads

    Cheers lads, I might get a couple of each as the good ladys car will need the treatment prior to winter. Its the Turners and Vista Mar for me these days lol. ;-)
  8. Need new pads

    Hi, Have not bough any new buffer pads for my PC for ages so time to invest again, what the latest reccomendations from those in the now? I have had sonus in past with couple of megs. Car has suffered some cosmetic scratch wounds over the last year so needs a good seeing to to get it back to its old glory. Paint work is still in good knick but as i said just needs a little loving.
  9. I've been banned......

    TT.NET was a good site with some good people sharing a fair bit of banter over the years. A small dedicated core of memberS that kept it all moving along with posts et al. We piched in to help with small cash and to be honest i didnt mind as i ejoyed the site as i did with TSN prior. The demise was sad as it lead to all sorts of fall out and i did miss the banter, i was going though a hard time near the end of the site and it gave some where to vent. The smaller forums that sprung up never caught on and i think people have drifted away. Interesting to see Chris post about the end of the site. oh well such is life.
  10. A4 2.0 TDI Quattro S Line

    What would they be offering for a good condition 56 2.0T S-LINE Q spec' edition with 80k miles and FASH? still toying with possable switch.
  11. A3 2.0T Sportback - new cambelt cost?

    £350 appears to be the price for A4 too, I Just found out they say all UK cars need them at 75k due to our bad roads and stop start driving LOL. TPS has the kit at around £220 for quattro a4.
  12. Classy R8 for sale...

    She crashed it on a early outing I think too, just a small bump though ;-(
  13. engine noises

    My car is going in for servcie soon and there are couple of noises that need looked into so though i would throw it open to the forum first. 1) creaking when brake is depressed, sounds like the cable creaking? 2) when i lift of the loud pedal there is a wooshing sound which has only appeared in last 6 months, could it be that valve that goes on the turbos? (divertor???) Also what are we looking at for 4th AVS? lad from Audi called but i didnt have time to call him back, he did say they had some offers on lol
  14. Ski Helmets

    Just back from Morzine and hired a lid with my skis. Better to be safe than sorry and around 85% of people had a helmet on. Everyone in the chalet had one, you are in a minority if you dont at least have one in your backpack let alone on your head. I think that just as mountain biking et al, a helmet is a must.
  15. Touch HD2....

    I got my HD2 for free with 800min, 1000 texts and unlimited date for £30 per month on a 24 contract. Just called 02 and told them i was leaving unless they could do me a deal. took 15min of discussion but happy with the deal. Its a great phone, mega fast on browsing using opera mobile 10, not to fussed about apps have a few that are good and do what they say on the tin. Few pals are now looking to get one.