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  1. A5 3.0tdi?

    Hi I've had my A5 3.0 Q Sport for about 6 months now and I love it! Apart from the fact that it stops traffic as people crane their necks to have a look (i'm sure all the other 5 drivers will know what I mean) it is just an incredibly nice car to drive. Mine is pearl black with the 19" 5 spoke alloys, I went for valcona leather sport seats (heated and electric), sat nav, B&O (faultless sound), rear park assist (wish i had it at the front now - bumped someone in traffic the other day), audi media interface (essentially this means I have a round 3000 tracks of music available from my iphone), the amazing keyless entry and start button, auto dipping mirror and powered wing mirrors and cruise. initially I went a bit bonkers with the extras but then scaled it back and am pleased to say that each one has been worth the money - but then it is all about personalising your car isn't it? By the way, did I say how quick it goes? Had some paintwork fdone the other day and they gave me a 2.7 - it was very nice, and smoothe, but not a patch on the power offered by the 3.0.
  2. Yup, my ride arrives in just under 3 weeks. I've gone for the 3.0 TDi Sport in Phantom Black with the Star Silver interior. Extras: 18" Y Spoke alloys B&O Hi Fi Sat Nav Auto Key Function Heated and Memory Seats MP3 Interface Bluetooth phone prep The pack that offers rain sensitive wipers blah blah blah Cruise Control Really looking forward to getting it! Will post some pics when I can.
  3. We are selling our beloved Roadster because we are leaving to live in China - sadly Chinese import tax is 200%, so we can't take it with us. It is an S Spec Eunos Roadster, manufactured in 1991 and imported to the UK in 2004 by MX5 City of Doncaster. The car is in excellent condition and drives really well - it has been maintained by MX5 City since we bought it and will stand up to any inspection. Some details: Colour - Classic Red Interior - Black Cloth (Drivers seat has faded a bit) Engine - 1.6 Mileage - Approx 85000 MOT - April 2007 Air conditioning Electric Windows CD Player Door and Headrest speakers (Renewed last year) Chrome Style bar with built in strut brace Chrome Wing Mirrors Roadster floor mats Alloy fuel flap Cusco engine bay strut brace Conicle air induction filter Magic Arc air circulater New 16 inch Team Dynamics split rim alloy wheels (not shown in images) Lowered Suspension Mazdaspeed adjustable rear shock absorbers Front Lip Spoiler (not shown in images) Mazda Wind protector Steel Grill Cover Uprated steering wheel and gear knob Perfect hood - no splits or tears http://www.gallery.themspros.com/users/dh/Front%20side%20001.JPG http://www.gallery.themspros.com/users/dh/Front.JPG http://www.gallery.themspros.com/users/dh/Rear%20side.JPG http://www.gallery.themspros.com/users/dh/Roadster%20Field2.jpg We are looking for offers in the region of £3000. If you would like to inspect the car please call me (David) on 07919 212706 to arrange - we are based in central Nottinghamshire.
  4. What would you do?

    Obvioulsy all this is jumping the gun a bit - you know its the kiss of death to start talking about benefits and cars etc before you've got the job, let alone an interview. Anyway, if I understand you correctly, the job would be local to your home? Would the job require much travel, would you need to cover many miles in the the year? If not, I would not even think about a company car, it makes no sense to incur large tax liabilities on a company car when you could take an allowance - chances are you would be much better off. Hope it works out for you.
  5. Removing badges??

    Anyone know the best and safest way to de-badge (removing the A4 and 2.0 TDi badges)?
  6. Brake Calipers - What colour????

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] wheel brush and elbow grease! [/ QUOTE ] does the caliper paint not come off if you scrub them then? I'm imagining that after a while its like scrubbing at paintwork with a brillo pad... and would start to scratch? also, I use wheel cleaner stuff.... would that bring off the caliper paint? [/ QUOTE ] I painted the calipers on two of my previous cars and drove them for many miles and a few years. I cleaned them with the regular wheel cleaner stuff you get from Halfords and my Karcher - they never peeled or discoloured - they kept on looking shiny red!
  7. Brake Calipers - What colour????

    and this...
  8. Brake Calipers - What colour????

    [ QUOTE ] Very nice. The Calipers too. How about some close ups? [/ QUOTE ] How about this..
  9. Brake Calipers - What colour????

    [ QUOTE ] So, that'll be red then? [/ QUOTE ] OK - I decided on the red (no pressure from you lot!! ) I spent the whole day yesterday in my garage, painting and applying decals and this morning I went off to take a few snaps - have a look for yourselves... Hows about that then
  10. Brake Calipers - What colour????

    So, that'll be red then?
  11. I am now the proud owner of a shiny new A4 S-Line saloon in Akoya Silver with the styling pack 5 arm alloys. I already have the Audi ring decals and plan to paint the calipers but can't decide on the colour. For me there are only two options - Red or Black! I know many on here have already done this and gone for red, but I want to be sure it compliments the colour of the car and does not cheapen it in any way. Any views, anyone please?
  12. Thats a very narrow space - what type of changer do you have, mine is way to fat to go in that slot?
  13. Have just got an A4 S-Line saloon and want to fit an autochanger that I removed from my old Passat? The changer is the standard VAG thing that came with the Passat.
  14. New - Special Edition S-line for 2006

    [ QUOTE ] There will be a Special Edition A4 2.0T Quattro/FWD S-line for 2006, standard equipment above S-line spec is a s follow's 220bhp upgrade Black Head lining S-line door sills 18" DTM style wheels Cross drilled front brakes Full Black Leather Interiour Price's are between £25000-£27000 depending on Quattro/Avant format. [/ QUOTE ] They have one of these parked in the showroom at Stockport Audi - very nice it is too, but you forgot to mention the carbon fibre boot lip spoiler .