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  1. New A6 Sline Avant

    Morning! Back after a while away with a Golf. But as of Saturday, a new A6 will be mine !!! Any tips / hints on set up potential mods ???
  2. Back after a little rest with a new A6 Avant.

  3. Golf Mk6 GT ( Diesal 140bhp ) 09 iPod question

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I picked up the car today and other than having to ask for the cables, its great! I plugged the iPod in and straight away it worked even with the steering wheel controls :-) The rest of the car is rather lovely too!!! But its the little things! Its interesting that they ( Martins of Basingstoke ) had tried to sell me the iPod connectivity to allow full control, maybe they hadnt read the 09 manual! I wonder what else I have that they didnt know... Cheers Chris
  4. Water stuck somewhere...

    A friend with a Passat had issues with a drain under the wondscreen blocking and then shorting out the alarm system. He described it as a bulkhead that ran across the car under the windscreen and that it was a known issue with Passats. Guessing its probably going to be the same with A4s. Or at least the water build up if not the electrical issue. I have noticed after heavy rainfall the noise in mine. but this settles down after a few turns. It does sound like its coming from the front as opposed to the doors, but its tricky to say for sure. After a commute I sometimes see water on the last turn into the car park as well, but I think this is from the air-con.
  5. Signing on!

    Bells, I had to do this for the first time a year or two ago. It was the first time I had been without a job of somesort since I was 14. I cant lie, it was bl00dy horrible, I felt completely out of my depth and I hated every moment of it. Had I not had a 6 month old I would have lost the plot in lots of nasty ways. The service I had ( and its not to say you will get the same ) was okay, the initial meeting you need to have all your details, passport, tax and bank stuff, they just take the details etc. Ask questions, the chances are they will just defer you to the website and to be honest its not bad, but theres a lot to take in during a stressful time. Let the Council Tax people know as soon as you can, this will help a little. Then every time you have to go in remember you are a decent person, you wont have to come here for ever, smile and nod to the nice people behind the desk and try not to be too incredulous with the stupid questions they have to ask. Dont panic! You will get through it and I wish you the greatest of luck, if you want help with CVs etc, then shout, otherwise for IT stuff, the best thing I found was to post my CV with lots of nice ( but relevant ) keywords in it to the websites ( mail me if you want details ), I found where the agents came to me I did better than when I applied in person. Dont let that put you off, so do try! Then get a list of all the jobs you need to do around the house / car etc, then spend a couple of hours a day doing job stuff, and the rest doing useful things to keep your moral up. Hopefully it wont be long until you can put off house jobs again ! :-) Good Luck !!
  6. Golf Mk6 GT ( Diesal 140bhp ) 09 iPod question

    Many thanks Jim !!! Great news :-)
  7. Just about to pick a diesel 09 plate GT and the dealer mentioned something about needing an iPod interface fitting in the glove box. THe arm rest has a cable, does this allow me to play music via the radio ? And do the steering wheel controls work, or is this linked to the iPod via this box the chap was talking about ? Are they easy to fit / get hold of ? Cheers c
  8. Glove box door broken

    My glovebox has been getting difficult to shut on my 2004 Avant over the past few months, not that its used a lot. Today it broke, the left hand hinge has snapped. The door still shits, but if you open it its held up on one hinge only. Any idea how easy it is to fix ? And where can I get one from ? Cheers c
  9. service history

    Was there an online way of seeing what work had been done to your car ? I know I registered, but I cant seem to find it anymore. Any ideas anyone ?
  10. Coolant Warning on A4 Avant 1.8t

    Yup, I agree, I have yet to find a garage that I trust not to tell me a pack of porkies and to actually do the job I am being ripped of for. Think next time I will try the Camberly outfit, see how they fair. Don't think I ask too much, I don't want coffee, a suit wearing receptionist, or even a car wash really, just the things that need doing, done.
  11. Coolant Warning on A4 Avant 1.8t

    The car is back in at Newbury ( Ridgeway Audi ) they told me that to fit the belt / replace the pump they take bits of the front off and the light may not have been put back correctly. Audi rave on about how good their people are, how that they can work on "lesser cars" like VWs and Skodas, but how Skoda and VW people cant work on Audi's. I dread to think how bad these guys are if the top people cant even put things back together properly ! I have had the same problem with two different Audi garages now, starting to think maybe a different make is called for. :-( Lovely cars, crap service.
  12. 2001 A3 air bag light

    On my A4 I had problems with the wiring under the seats being a bit loose, so when they reset the airbag light, the wires broke a connection ( ? ) and caused the airbag warning light to come on. Even when the connection was made again the light stayed on until the system was reset with the VAG-COM. Might be worth checking the wires prior to getting it VAG-COMed, they seemed to be just in the wrong place so that when the seats were moved back or forward they where movd just enough to cause the problem. Not sure if its the same on the A3, but....
  13. Coolant Warning on A4 Avant 1.8t

    When they fit a new pump and cam belt, how much of the front of the car do they have to take off ? Do they do anything around the headlights ? Just waxed the car this morning and the passengar side headlight seems to have moved slightly and the rubber trim doesnt seem to be seated correctly ? Have I been hit in the car park or have they stuffed the rebuild ? Cheers c
  14. Coolant Warning on A4 Avant 1.8t

    Yup I think your right PD, just struggling to find a decent Audi garage around north Hampshire :-( Any suggestions happily taken.
  15. Coolant Warning on A4 Avant 1.8t

    Yes its the waterpump. They ( Ridgeway Audi - Newbury ) quoted me a little more than the £120 unfortunately ( double that ), and they have no idea about the metal impeller insisting they would only change like for like. They also mentioned the cambelt which will also be changed.