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  1. Black M3 CSL on way home from Le Mans

    Hi PC.. yeah that was me... definately made the journey home interesting! How long were we dicing like that for?? The others now they were motoring.. using the hard shoulder to overtake, mad!! I take it you didnt get pulled by the boys in blue at the peage?? I managed to get through but saw a corvette and 360 get directed to the side of the road...
  2. Le Mans 2008

    Just picked up a black M3 CSL at the weekend... just in time for LM
  3. Le Mans 2008

    Now that i have a proper job i cant get on the net!! Mook, how have you been? All good i hope! Bazza has just confirmed that Technoparc is open... phew!!
  4. Le Mans 2008

    Ill be there again!! I havent had much luck on the sticker front though
  5. Elise or TT Roadster?

    [ QUOTE ] For a first go, I thought it was fairly graceful [/ QUOTE ] I think i am still yet to find someone that can get out of one gracefully! Anyway, when they go like they do who cares Chris after my Exige trip at LM 07 it would have to be without doubt a 111S for smiles per mile
  6. Rossi back on form

    VR was running hard front and rear, where as CS was on medium front and hard rear! Still nice to see the VR of old.. starting well down the grid and finishing strong! I was starting to doubt if he still had it in him with all the new young talent about!
  7. Le Mans 2007

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] so what time do all you boys think you will be passing Maidstone and are you using the M20 or M2? [/ QUOTE ] 6am I'd say and no idea which road. M20 most likely. You might also want to look out for: 1. RX8 pz 2. Lexarse LS400 3. Dodge Charger 4. Caterham Superlight R 5. Datsun 260Z 6. A Team Van 7. Buttmonkey Support Veeehicle 8. Ferrari 360 Spider 9. Porsche 997 Turbo 10. Mad Dog's BMW 528i 11. Ferrari Testarossa 12. BMW Z4 Coupe 13. Audi S3 14. Corvette C3 15. Mitsubishi Evo 8 FQ 340 16. Range Rover TD6 - it'll never make it:-) [/ QUOTE ] We will be too but a bit earlier at 5am! So look out for Exige M3 S2000 Repsol Fireblade CBR 600 and the TSN support Vehicle the Navara!
  8. It's here!!

    Wow Chris! Congrats on a fine machine! Never knew you where a two wheeled man too! Going to LM on mine with my mate Rafto ( remember when we stopped off on the way back from Italy and our night in Pussycats?? ) who is going on his CBR 600. Fancy meeting up?
  9. Supose this is my new home...

    Ben, good to see you around again! The Ring is on the list of things to do! Dave, yeah i might be taking it to LM, depends if i can get someone to dirve the Navara Support vehicle Any ride outs in Herts and essex i am more than up for!!
  10. Supose this is my new home...

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Notice we dont have a Kneesliders Gallery Album?!? [/ QUOTE ] Yes we do [/ QUOTE ] Prompt as usual Stig
  11. Supose this is my new home...

    Cheers lads! Sneaky, i havent had a bike for 5years but my last was a 99'blade. The R5 i have now is immense I cant believe the power increase over my last blade, but then i should expect it really, alot has changed, jeez we even have fuel injection now.. [ QUOTE ] Nice, you riding through winter or storing it whilst the nasty gritters are out. [/ QUOTE ] Umm well i have always riden all through the year although i must admit i am scared of putting the bike through it considering the effects of all the salt on my last balde!! Looks pretty good out there now as it goes So how many bikers do we have in here now then? Notice we dont have a Kneesliders Gallery Album?!?
  12. As i no longer have the boxster I dont have much time for TSN at the moment but thought i would pop in and say Hi! I bought myself a CBR Fireblade back in July, rode to Gibraltar and havent got off it since (well unless working ), and loving it! So we need a couple more converts to two wheels i see Well i reckon if we apply some pressure to Smudge then he'll crack and get one! Heres a pic of the new toy!
  13. Yep it was adams car back in 2001 if i remember correctly! Was a very low milage looked after S3!
  14. LM06 Thread

    It was indeed a great weekend! Managed to watch nearly an hour of racing which was an improvement over the 20mins last year! Baz did indeed give us plenty to laugh at!
  15. External Harddrives

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Any advice? [/ QUOTE ] Vote for Bonnie Langford? [/ QUOTE ] Nah... she is a ginger.... Cheers for the help lads!