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  1. Tuning chip A6

    Always get repairfrom expert person who have vast knowledge in cars. Should drive car slow after tuning? My car's technicianssaid that always drive slow after car services
  2. When i need to go for tuning?

    My friend told me that you need to go for tuning after covers 1000 kms. It is the time for tuning of car. But i'm disagreeing with him. I thought that kms do not have effect on cars engine. After specific time period or with the same interval of times you go for car services that keep car in better position.
  3. There is golf cart racing event going to held in next month at Ca. Every body can participate in this event by registration of $40. If you have cart then must take participate in it and enjoy your great time with us.
  4. Cart insurance?

    Is there any type of insurance which i can get for my golf cart? In next month, i'm going to buy my new cart but before does that i like to aware all the possible info on insurance that provide me safety of it.