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  1. Family Holiday with Kids

    What he said ^ I can see us going back to villas from time to time, see how it goes. Your own pool, a nice BBQ and just yourselves to worry about has its advantages.
  2. F1 2017

    It would take you days to watch Antiques Roadshow if it did that.
  3. I like the noise the V10 makes its hard not to but agree on the styling and substance, few liked the handling of the base model lets be honest.
  4. Family Holiday with Kids

    We are on the east coast for all the reasons Mook mentions. We will hire a car and dump the coach over and it will give us flexibility to get about as the kids are too young to want to sit around a pool all day. Hotel seems ok the proof will be in the pudding. We could have gone for a better place but it had none of the fun bits for the kids, and they don't really want a full on corporate 5* hotel and a single pool so we have compromised. Price £3500 for 10 days in half term all inclusive (we don't need it but that's all the offered), all in and we could have paid double easily its a buoyant market. We will see how it goes and we might go back to villas next time we will see.
  5. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    If you sit far away from the TV then you can get away with SD ish. Get 50"+ and don't sit that far away and it can look terrible. My 6 year old noticed how bad the Rugby looked the other day in SD having just watched it in HD. 4K again if you aren't that close or if the TV isn't 65"+ then its hard to tell. Its often the fact that the 4k panels are just so much better throw HD at them and they look great, 4k and it can be hard to tell its the improvement in the panel that is better not just the fact the resolution has gone up.
  6. F1 2017

    We might be sleeping not just sat there, lets be clear about this we can't exclude Garcon from this can we.
  7. Family Holiday with Kids

    All book woo hoo, Majorca 5 star ( probably like a real 3 star but hey) separate room and beds for the kids and happy parents. Thanks all.
  8. I think many think the same, which is a shame they feel the need to blag it a bit to me.
  9. Family Holiday with Kids

    Neither do I and I'm the cook, but it seems we want to do things differently this time...
  10. F1 2017

    I think we might have a closer season that for a while, Ferrari are looking strong, Renaults engine not too bad once they sort the Ers and Redbull will have lots more coming to the car for the first race. Mercedes are strong but I think we might see some good genuine racing and if some reports are true the aero might not be the problem many think but it will never be great with ground effect cars. I'm really looking forward to it, I always start the season with high hopes but it rarely lasts. Maybe we need to make some 1-2-3 predictions??
  11. Family Holiday with Kids

    The dates in May that we can go for the Pine Cliffs (Half Board) + Flights £5200 give or take two different companies.
  12. Family Holiday with Kids

    You have a listening device in the house don't you.
  13. Family Holiday with Kids

    We have been to Portugal the last few years and the Pine Cliffs was an option but we fancied somewhere different Majorca being another option. Kids are pretty young to be autonomous and a couple of hotels do have the option but they are either rubbish or very expensive and my Accountant wife doesn't want to spend £5k for the 4 of us. £3-4k was the budget as we want to go again and do other things this year, going in May-June as our kids get 2 weeks then.
  14. Family Holiday with Kids

    Where to the kids sleep? We have been staying in Villas and Apartments with the kids up until this year but the wife wants to go to a hotel and put our feet up. But nearly everything we can find has the kids staying on a sofa bed of some sort unless we double the budget and even that is no guarantee. Is this what everyone gets the kids to do?!? Am I just being tight or should I just let them sleep in a sofa bed? Kids are only 4 and 6 so still young enough to do that just wasn't sure what everyone else did these days?!?
  15. While the cats away.....

    This outlandish behaviour from you two is making me feel dizzy you need to get help living on the edge like this.