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  1. Young persons' car insurance

    I suspect some of the newer cars might be fitted with newer auto braking tech as I can see this being a big push to reducing car insurance. As most crashes are front end collisions getting a car with that as standard can only help surely, that and ESP now reduces the slippery road, driving mad crash. My wifes car has the braking tech as standard and I can't help but think that is part of the reason its nearly a quarter of the cost of my car to insure. The size, engine and cost might all have an effect though I admit.
  2. MOTs in older cars

    I think tyres are one of the largest reasons for failure. Many people just see a car as an alliance that they just run and run and service when it tells them (most of the time). I think we lose some of reality of how other people think about their cars. A colleague recently got a 1.0 Audi A3 for his commute of a very good leasing deal. I mentioned that must be fun 0-60 once a week car, his response was it does all the speed limits it gets me from A-B and its reliable what else do I need. It was a good point well made, it was a utility for him and pretty much nothing more.
  3. Tesla updates

    I'm the same I like the idea of a Tesla probably more as a second car for the wife in the future and to use at the weekend. In relation to the dash of the 3 it does seem a bit odd to not have speed in front of you, in the early reveal many expected them to add a fancy HUD to make up for it but no that didn't appear. It doesn't seem right to look sideways and down away from the road the glance up and down for speed is common and works. Can't look at one until 2019 anyway and I have a feeling the German marques are going to come out fighting especially in light of the emissions standards issue. Can only be a good thing for us all in the long run a bit of healthy competition to move the market on.
  4. Woking Grand Prix

    I know its beyond poor, it makes some of the Apprentice videos look polished and enjoyable.
  5. S8 V10

    A guy at the top of the road has an all black S8, looks good and sounds nice. He has a V8 Mustang as well, nice to see some good cars move in.
  6. F1 2017

    Not watched it yet how badly did Palmer do? Did he complain about not having the same level of parts... talent?
  7. New car ordered.......

    So the big release was yesterday. Right hand drive aren't out until 2019 which most expected anyway but thats still a fairly big wait. Two main models the Standard and Long Range I think it was details in the link below. I think the price and bundling of the options have take a few by surprise to say least.
  8. Petrol and diesel cars.....

    Isn't it that they will all need an element of hybrid by then of sorts to help reduce (yeah I know) emissions. I have to say that walking along a busy road these days is not a pleasant experience. The diesel be that from lorries or cars is not nice to breath in at all. Yeah in the past rich running petrols were the bad thing and all that they chucked out. But surely a push to get cars that don't have DPFs off the road would be a good first step to help everyone. I know some people removed them as well, personally I'd like to see that being a bigger offence than it is, draconian maybe but every little step helps. Lastly I know that emissions testing is going to get more stringent but oh my why is it taking so long, surely this is something that should be pushed in PDQ for the benefit of everyone, who cares what the manufactures think. For far too long they have been pushing the boundaries VW group and more and they need to be held to account.
  9. Apple Watch launch

    I have mine on everyday, plenty up here and loads of people have them in work, wife has one too although its not a massive hit for her to be honest, she mostly used it for Apple pay / sleep tracking more than anything. What do I use it for. Activity tracking, walking / running often, swimming occasionally and its pretty accurate. It does make me do more, I try and achieve the move calorie goal each day. Viewing Txt messages and responding to them via speech, smiley or occasionally scribe Sleep tracking app I've been using recently works very well. A gimmick but interesting to see Timers View e-mails as they come in and dismiss them on the watch rather than doing it on the phone. Apple pay a lot, its a second to pay for things, tub, shops etc. etc. very impressive for that alone Alerts for news I like, BBC and Apple news from the sources you want is nice. Alerts from other apps be they anything from parent mail or others again useful in a meeting rather than looking at your phone. Dismissing calls easily Changing watch faces is nice and I use some for certain occasions. The next OS update has a few more including some that are more intelligent Used the mapping for directions when I had my hands full and I didn't want to look like a tourist / lost Battery life on the latest Series 2 GPS model is pretty good I think. I can get a couple of days out of it I have managed to stretched it out to three. That sounds terrible but its no less hassle than charging a phone each day. I still have other watches that I use from time to time on dress occasions but I find myself being lost not being able to check things and know why my phone is vibrating without needing to get it out of my pocket.
  10. Audi stopped from selling Petrol models Europe

    Ouch this isn't good for Audi a blip yes but surely this is something that gets tested to death.
  11. HALO for 2018

    Yeah so did I and it could have had more benefits than the halo, its not like Massas incident with the spring would be stopped with the Halo would it. F1 cars should be a thing of technical marvel and beauty that design is most definitely not either. They should have a brief should stop X, by Y strength not inhibit egress etc. etc. and then leave the designers too it.
  12. Diesel-Gate: Mercedes recall 3million vehicles Its only 700k of cars in the UK and only the 1.5 engine I believe. I thought this was a joint engine with Renault / Nissan wasn't it?!? Either way not good but not quite the all Merc Diesels that the BBC article alludes to.
  13. HALO for 2018

    Yeah and nearly every team said no. I think they should keep the drives in the pits and they do it by remote instead. Fingers crossed we don't get any cars rolling and on-fire heaven forbid how they are going to get out of that thing then.
  14. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    What about an X1? They are far better inside, the X1 / 2 Series interior is better than the 3 series inside for me. Just a though if you wanted to go BMW that is. As Scotty says its all a case of what you want, I can entirely see that an Audi would tick more boxes as a company car than an ageing in cycle BMW.
  15. Great shots and thanks for sharing looks like you had a great time. I always find I appreciate what we have in the UK more when I go to places that are less fortunate. I often think it would be worthwhile sending some to these countries to see how good they have it. We are so miserable but have so much I find it very frustrating at times. I want to do more travelling but not really the time to do it with two young kids.