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  1. 720 Wop

    Looks good in the grey well the grey you and everyone else things it is anyway.
  2. F1 2017

    He has been seriously unlucky with his moves, everyone wants to see him in a good car but ow my has it not worked out in the latter part of his career.
  3. Bloodbath....

    Looks great and the difference in feel and whats happening will grow. You should try driving some of the Audis its like you are using someone else hands to hold the wheel let alone the feel from your own.
  4. Has anyone had a Mini Cooper D?

    A mini is fairly pocket rocket well not in diesel format but I'm not sure after 20k miles a year in one you would appreciate it so much. I'd look at a BMW 1 series depending on your budget, fun when you want it to be and nice riding and a little more grown up when its just sitting on the motorway.
  5. F1 2017

    A good race with the conditions helping spice things up a little. Great to see that Mercedes aren't going to be super dominant and that Ferrari are in with a great shout as well, fingers crossed Redbull can get into the mix at some circuits as well. Either way its an improvement so far.
  6. New pants please

    Yikes you don't want that do you, they did very well to avoid each other.
  7. 720 Wop

    Wooooo that looks nice glad you are going for something special and different. McLaren Manchester have a Burnt Orange P1 in at the moment I wasn't sure if it was yours but it doesn't have the tweaks in it. Look forward to reading the review.
  8. Another new S5 ordered

    I have wood in mine what is all this talk of blue stripes, on and I do mean proper wood and its not a 3 or a 4 so it suits it rather well.
  9. Venice....any inputs?

    Florence is incredible love it to bits just perfect and faultless in every day. But for me Rome is just stunning and its sheer scale of the ancient, what would be a bit tourist spot in Barcelona doesn't even get on the map in Rome. Everything makes me smile and it doesn't have to cost the earth either far from it, would go back again in a heart beat.
  10. What... I drive one of those. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder you know, my three legged two headed wife is a testament to that. The X2 is a coupe of the X1, so similar size just a bit more lifestyle same Merc have done with the GLC Coupe / MPV.
  11. New pants please

    Yikes, I was only reading the other day that the wake of the A380 is actually lower than many smaller aircraft as well. Ouch.
  12. It would appear that the 8 might be the replacement for the 6 series and the 5 GT is going to become a 6. Not confirmed yet but thats what it is shaping up to be, no idea what happens to the 6 GC though jury is out. 3 Series GT might be dropped as well, BMW shaking the line up a bit. But more X models to come with an X2 on the way on and an X8 as well.
  13. Another new S5 ordered

    HUD is great and so is the Multi Function dash, they just haven't sprinkled that into a 3 series yet unfortunately for some reason.
  14. Family Holiday with Kids

    What he said ^ I can see us going back to villas from time to time, see how it goes. Your own pool, a nice BBQ and just yourselves to worry about has its advantages.
  15. F1 2017

    It would take you days to watch Antiques Roadshow if it did that.