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  1. While the cats away.....

    So close, maybe next time.
  2. Wopps 918

    Yeah looked good not keen on the alloys don't look special enough for a Ferrari some how. His 918 is on the front cover of EVO as well, well the spoiler that is.
  3. Wopps 918

    Living on instagram.
  4. PSA to buy Opel?

    I heard this on the way home and I just thought OMG thats GM gone then.
  5. "Homework" Laptop - any suggestions?

    I don't house are a bit cheap over that way for us.
  6. "Homework" Laptop - any suggestions?

    Ha ha ha ha...
  7. "Homework" Laptop - any suggestions?

    Ditto if there is more than one going, other half asked the other day that she wants a new laptop the 5 year old one isn't cutting it and she doesn't want a Mac. Could link up with Waylander to help with collection as he isn't far from me I don't think.
  8. Inexpensive 40" smart tv?

    Richer Sounds had a Samsung 4k 40" for £360 after Christmas, you are in no mans land for offers at the moment. New models normally filter through in the summer and they want to get rid of the old models around the same time so if you can wait I'd do that or just get the best deal you can now.
  9. But they came back and got more, surely they would have twigged, obviously not. I suspect they are going to be putting in some new controls going forwards....
  10. VW - the biggest

    They seem to change the lead each year these days.
  11. Post a pic of your car

    I get mine services at Stockport these days and they were great when the wife had a flat and it needed an urgent service. Just not that competitive on the servicing costs I've found or their willingness to match others. However that is compared to Preston when I've got my last two cars from but a pain to get them serviced there to be fair.
  12. Ross Brawn to succeed Bernie Ecclestone

    Well for all his pros and cons I'm sorry to see him go. He has been a steady hand on the tiller and F1 has grown even if its direction at times hasn't been as clear as it should. No idea what the new guys are going to want to do, bigger brasher and dumbed down F1 might be on the cars but I hope not. F1 used to be the pinnacle and today I'm not sure it holds itself in quite such high esteem. Maybe if nothing else they can bring a nice sound engine back if nothing else.
  13. Felipe Massa retiring from Formula 1

    Yeah good point probably. It seems that Bottas and Hamilton will both have contracts up at the end of the year so it will be interesting to see how the season evolves.
  14. 3/4 bed villa in Orlando

    This was the place I mentioned if anyone is interested at some point.
  15. Felipe Massa retiring from Formula 1

    Yeah I wonder what the deal was in the end, more up to date engine and lots of extra pennies.