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  1. RS3 - Saloon!

  2. RS3 - Saloon!

    My kids are still pretty small but a nice two seater for me a used Cayman would be perfect, if only I can persuade the wife.
  3. RS3 - Saloon!

    Ooh great choice Mac - both fab cars and I can see the attraction of both. If only I didn't have the kids to cart around and I had the spare cash to buy a nice third car...
  4. I won't be subscribing to Sky next year, if that means there is no catch up / highlights program then F1 really is over for me other than what I might see in the news. A shame after watch pretty much every race for over three decades and having worked with some of the F1 teams, ho hum.
  5. RS3 - Saloon!

    They are both pretty epic for different reasons, I can see the attraction for both. If it was the only car I had it would probably be the RS3, if it was a second car the M2 for me. But hey either can destroy a good country road they are the perfect size even M3/4 or RS4 are pretty big these days.
  6. Help- huge favour needed

    Many of use have linked up on Facebook these days on the whole. I think I might have added you Wopps but you didn't accept me.. >tears.
  7. Help- huge favour needed

    Here you go, thank me later!! Oh and you can reminisce below.
  8. Alonso to race in WEC for Toyota in 2018

    Ouch, thats not great is it.
  9. F1 Grid Kids

    Brings a whole new meaning to being at the arse end of the grid Patently.
  10. F1 Grid Kids

    Can you imagine the meetings. Christ that decision didn't go down well turns out most supporters of F1 even the women want them what do we do. I know disaster what can we do I've got it lets use kids instead. Although it does seem to be kids from other formula so at least they will enjoy it and maybe get something form the day.
  11. 2018 UK F1 TV schedule

    I watched the WRC recently was good and I'm sure I will be watching more motorsport on other channels. Motorsport TV and ITV4 seem to have a good selection that and Eurosport. NNMM Agree that the old BTCC days were fantastic, I remember being at Oulton Park watching them to the biggest every attendance at a motorsport event outside of F1. It was a fantastic race and loads of good support races as well. Get rid of all of the wings and get back to good old basic cars and racing.
  12. 2018 UK F1 TV schedule

    I'm happy to get any motorsport on the TV, I still enjoy touring cars. Bring back Andy Rouse and Soper, Hoy etc. etc. it was fantastic then shame they aren't all still about.
  13. Alonso to race in WEC for Toyota in 2018

    I think the new car will be better but I'm not going to win in F1 so need something else to keep me busy.
  14. 2018 UK F1 TV schedule

    10 minutes really.. Haven't some of the start times change from previous years as well. Will have to see what happens at the end of this year for Free TV for me if the only way for me to watch is to pay and move to Sky then it will be bye bye F1 after many decades of watch it most every single race. Touring Cars or something else for me maybe..
  15. I've bought something orange!

    Not a bike fan but that looks great. Something to look forward to.
  16. F1 2018 Drivers list

    See how fast he is and if it was a move for money or genuine talent, Kubica would have been a fans choice but not sure he would really have what it takes after so long out and with his various unfortunate issues.
  17. Photo sync iOS and android

    I think they are compressed if you say use the free storage option otherwise they use your storage tier and are untouched.
  18. WiFi extension

    Exactly the same config as me NNMM. I use the Virgin Superhub as a modem only and the Asus for wifi. I genuinely can't remember the last time I needed to re-set the power or restart it for any reason and its got fantastic coverage. I even use it as a Time Machine server.
  19. Post a pic of your car

    Sounds fabulous. Sorry to hear about your Dad, glad you got some quality time with him and the love of cars.
  20. Post a pic of your car

    And whats the engine / performance in an Evora these days?
  21. Post a pic of your car

    That looks fantastic good work tell us more about the spec.
  22. "Relay Crime" reality?

    What Puches did you guys go for? We have our car and house keys on the same bunch and some look rather small, or for phones.
  23. SPOTY 2017

    Netflix and Amazon taking market share of sport would be fab but do they really have the critical mass to get it and still make money? Netflix don't seem to do an at all costs attitude to everything, look at the Grand Tour. F1 and Amazon with the grand tour I thought could work as they have already done Le Man 24hr documentaries. Either way it is indeed promising to see Skys dominance challenged.
  24. SPOTY 2017

    I colleague was there this year he said it was really good they put on a fantastic show to those in the audience. Mo did appear on the live link after people stopped watching in a flood of tears apparently. To the point earlier about so much sport being on PPV is a good point. I love watching F1 but when it goes from Channel4 will I stop watching probably. Football has gone the same for me and other reasons I used to watch it a lot time another factor at the moment. I could see some sports going back to Freeview and picking up a large following albeit with shorter term funding possibly. But I don't think any sport as suffered enough from visibility vs money just yet.
  25. The £1k mobile phone

    I guess how different is that than them using your thumb?!? I went of the 8+ for other reason and not money and its been great. The guy that sits opposite me at work has FaceID fail several times a day or the clock on the lock screen doesn't appear and the only way to get it back is to re-start it. He has reset it twice and still has problems. But like others if you have an X use FaceID you might as well have just got an 8 without using it you mad man.