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  1. Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team

    A perfect reliability match.
  2. Couple of New Motorsport movies out

    They should be good for a watch cheers.
  3. "Relay Crime" reality?

    Ours are in the middle of the house 12+ft and several walls away in every direction from the outside of the house so I assume that will do the job. You have to be right on top of the car for it to work with the BMW so I'm assuming that should be sufficient.
  4. "Relay Crime" reality?

    I don't on ours but the keys have been mover back into the house more. They are already on the other side of a porch area thats over a 1.5mtrs but will move them further. Having a lock on the car like a crock lock would feel like I was driving my first car again, no thanks.
  5. F1 2018 Drivers list

    A good young couple of drives nice to see from Toro Rosso. Will be interesting to see how Kubica does if he does indeed sign for Williams.
  6. Leasing for Dummies?

    Excellent, have fun. Trying to get the wife to look at a new car but we never seem to have any time. Might get an X1 or Tiguan potentially depending no the deals.
  7. Leasing for Dummies?

    Lovely what lease deal did you get them to in the end?
  8. Leasing for Dummies?

    So come one what model, spec / colour have you got where is the config data pictures. This is like amateur our, goodness me.
  9. Gap insurance for purchase cars? What else?

    I've used Ala in the past but never needed to claim. Cheaper than a main dealer but the same product or better cover. Never bothered with the rest or any other cover personally didn't see the point.
  10. Felipe Massa retiring from Formula 1

    Probably best, a good solid driver that very nearly won a championship but not quite.
  11. F1 2017

    Agreed its mental its like they have never watched the sport. Mercedes will continue to be very strong, might he get another, maybe but nothing is a dead cert in F1 or even close. Anyway Ferrari is leaving F1, looks like they are worried they won't be able to win try to win without £200million more than any other team to spend..
  12. Leasing for Dummies?

    From what I've seen its all about grabbing the good deals and being flexible. A few at work are leasing but mostly average cars, a full spec Astra Elite for £140 a month and only 2 or 3 months up front as an example. He has a good motor with lots of toys for little outlay, but some that just went for the good deal and a car that gets him from A-B. Again Merc have done some great lease deals recently but they all tend to be stock deals mostly. Business vs Personal I will leave to others to comment, business leases for higher end cars tend to be much better but again not always. Nearly all deals are very mileage sensitive and higher end cars often want 5 or 6 months up front pushing if its value for money or not. Keep an eye out for deals would be my view if thats the way you want to go.
  13. Injection prices

    We got all our stuff at the GP when we went to the Far East have things changed?!?
  14. The Caterham Build

    Looks like you had a great time really well done.
  15. F1 2017

    It was a cracking overtake and we need more of that not less its racing for goodness sake. Was he off the edge of the circuit yes, was the mover started to overtake off the circuit, no; there were stronger moves that went un-punished. However what he said afterwards was rather unfortunate and the impetuousness of youth took the better of him on this occasion, he will learn and he will get better. Nobody is amazing on day one on all fronts and neither do we want them to be. We need more rough diamond that aren't polished on all fronts not less all IMHO.
  16. WiFi extension

    Yeah the ASUS are rather good aren't they, I'm Virgin in Bridge mode with an ASUS and its working a treat. The 2.4Ghz connection will have longer reach but not quite the throughput, the 5G will be better if you are closer to the base station.
  17. F30 issues

    You are doing well, erm not. Hopefully its a bad run. But genuinely not had any issues on any of mine.
  18. F30 issues

    Never had an alignment / strange wear issues on my BMW no had any of them back for any warranty work either to be honest. Although my wife has had hers in today to get some faded front trip replaced under warranty, but as it was an early release / demo model I suspect that was just a batch problem.
  19. Mercedes 190E 2.3 16

    Fantastic news, fingers crossed it all goes through and by the sounds of it to a good home.
  20. WiFi extension

    The speed will settle down, I use my Virgin Hub in a Bridge mode so its only used as a model and have an ASUS that does the wifi. As for wifi speed, then yeah a mesh solution to extend the signal to the furthest parts of the house can certainly help with the speed especially if you are a long way away from the router. Oh and as for TSN speed, its had a kick the other day and is running its hamster feet a little bit faster.
  21. WiFi extension

    Virgin have been faultless for me, sent from my 200Mbit connection.
  22. F1 2018 Drivers list

    Attraction to the team would surely be Robert Kubica as a come back. I doubt he will every get back to show the potential he was starting to show before the accident, but I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong on that.
  23. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    Monarch like any airline it depends on the plane, last time we flew with them one of the planes was great and very new the other not so great, both better than this years Thomson. A guy at work has been affected with one of his flights. Its been cheaper for him to go 2 days earlier and get extra accommodation for a few nights than trying to fly on the same day in Oct with another airline as prices roughly doubled to Alicante apparently from what he found.
  24. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    Shame they haven't been able to turn it around used them many times and they have been faultless and very competitive. Something isn't right in the model, and they aren't going to be around for the new aircraft they order to arrive by the looks of it.
  25. F1 2018 Drivers list

    Not really, I guess when I talk about him as a person I'm also commenting on how he drives although thats not how it reads, but I've made that point already. No spark on or off the track, solid maybe but exciting to watch or showing much potential, no. More than happy to be proven wrong.