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  1. Hi Gizze A good dilemma as it is exactly the same as I had. My thinking was that the 2.0 TFSI has almost identical fuel consumption to the 2.5 TDI which I also run at the moment as well, plus from what I have read now is a cracking engine!! The 2.0 TDI is not the smoothest engine in the world not even amonst diesels of the same ilk and when stretched a little on the harsh side to say the least. The 2.5 has character by comparison and yes I found the same thing that the difference in power seemed very marginal by feeling alone, maybe just lost its breath earlier. I posted a review on the 2.0 TDI S-LINE I drove in the review section if your interested. I have ordered mine with the following – Decided on going to town. !! 2.0 TFSI Sportback in Mauritius blue Pearl Effect Paint , Xenon Headlights, Interior Light Pack, Front Centre Armrest, Cruise Control, 3 Spk Lt M/F Gr Cntl, 17in 16 Spoke Alloy, Symphony II Wth BOSE, Auto Fld Dr/Mrs+Wsh, Aluminium Roof Rails, Non Smoking Pack, Light/Rain Snsr Pk, Acoustic Parking(Rr) By the way I have got a Palm Tungston T3 and have just bought TomTom for it.. I would recommend it, so there’s the satnav option ! It should be getting built next week and I will hopefully getting it in early to mid November. Good luck with making the right choice. My heart not head won.. a car does it every time.
  2. 2.0 TDI Sline

    Quick question. How long was it from the build week to delivery of your car ? I have a 2.0 TFSI DSG Sportback on order that is getting built next week, I wondered when I might expect it in the Dealer from your experiance ??
  3. Not a happy bunny

    If you want a truly reliable car, don't get a german one. In a recent survey even the Germans rated Japanese cars ahead of their own. I also had a friend at work with loads of problems on his Saab 95, electrical, engine, replaced gearbox. So he moved to a BMW 530d and it was back to the garage within the first week of having it with the engine misfiring.. Complain to Audi customer service.. (Might be the same as speaking to a brick wall mind you) But you never know. And at least you can get the plate registered correctly. Hope your wife recovers well and is ok.
  4. A3 Sportback 2.0 T FSI - DSG Ordered !

    Just spoken to my dealer !! Car is getting born next week, apparently has a week 42 build week !! They think it will be avaliable for mid November. Seems a little long to wait a month before I can get in it ?!? Anyone else remember how long they had to wait from build to delivery ? I think time is slowing down ... November hurry up. Yours wishing October away.
  5. Well.. after reading just about every review and forum on the planet and test driving an A3 2.0 TDI S-Line - DSG. ( I have posted a review on the following link)A3 2.0 TDI S-Line Review I have ordered the new 2.0 T FSI Sportback. I have been given a delivery date of early November with the following kit.. and yes I have gone a little ott. Pearl Effect Paint Xenon Headlights Interior Light Pack Front Centre Armrest Cruise Control 3 Spk Lt M/F Gr Cntl 17in 16 Spoke Alloy Symphony II Wth BOSE Auto Fld Dr/Mrs+Wsh Aluminium Roof Rails Non Smoking Pack Light/Rain Snsr Pk Acoustic Parking(Rr) Has anyone else ordered theirs yet ? I have to say that this looks like the first good implementation of the new Audi Corporate nose. And looks much better than on the A6 and the spy shots I have seen of the new A4. Bring on November I can't wait !!
  6. i got it

    Looks like Lancaster Audi in Salford Quays to me. I have been very unimpressed with their service everytime I go in to be honest. Only this week they have messed me about with an MOT on my company car, hassle I could do without. I have had a Lexus as my last car and they could never do enough to make sure that you are happy. Invited me to evenings at the dealer with Russell Watson singing and launches of new models. I still get dine and drive invitations now and I haven't had the car for 18 months ?! Audi do need to realise that they need raise their service levels if they are going to move sales upwards. Although saying that has anybody ever tried to deal with Mercedes ??? Forget it !
  7. A3 S line TDi nearly here!

    Can totally understand the push for the diesel. But had to let my heart rule my head, especially with cars, I have to keep it for 4 years !! The 2.5 TDI I have is almost identical to the 2.0 TFSI in fuel economy. The 2.5 TDI is not that well known for its lack of thirst, Plus the TFSI its lower on tax as well, so I will be saving money. Am sure I will post another review and a load of pics when I get it. Do like the A3 a lot, my Sister has the old 1.8T as well and its her second after a basic 1.6, all bought with my help of course ! I think time is slowing down at the moment.. and they better not delay delivery
  8. A3 S line TDi nearly here!

    Ditto. Got an A3 2.0 TFSI Sportback on order with DSG.. its a company car so no Quattro for me the C02s are too high. But have to wait till early November before I can take delivery if it stays on time. I test drove a TDI DSG S-Line before I made my final choice ( Put a review of what I thought about it in the review section if anyones interested). I didn't go for the diesel just didn't pull the heart strings for me. Got a V6 TDI at the moment which actually sounds quite good. And had a creamy smooth and snarly staight 6 in an IS200 before that, sweet memories. Anyway.. enjoy your new toys boys, not bitter honest! Is it STILL not November yet !!!
  9. Your not wrong !! Thats why I have ordered my new company car as a 2wd 2.0T Sportback. The increase in tax was huge. In the initial price list Audi printed the MPG wrong. The Quattro getting the 2wds figures and vice versa. Even some magazines must have been given the wrong figures. Its right in the brochure tho.. very strange.
  10. A3 Sportback 2.0 T FSI - DSG Ordered !

    I am told not. They now give you the ability to have the new controls on the steering wheel and the paddles. Some of the pictures that I have seen and the dealer assures me that they will be included. In fact if you go onto the configurator on the Audi site it allows you to pick that wheel only, which probably makes you keep the paddles.
  11. New S3

    Speaking for James, I think he might have got the info from this months CAR.. and I am certain it wasn't 145.. bust be 245lb ft
  12. New B7 A4 review in Auto Express

    I know what you mean. But on the Sportback there is a huge difference in fuel economy and thus CO2s which if you are driving a company car is a big issue. In the Sportback its 187 CO2s for the DSG 2wd and 213 for the Quattro Manual. And I would rather have this engine than a 4 cylinder diesel. And I have Quattro now on my A4, and will be able to live without it, I hope !! And forget about what the magazines said about the DSG being less efficient.. Audi published the figures the wrong way around initially !!
  13. A3 Sportback 2.0 T FSI - DSG Ordered !

    No its still not November and the car still hasn't arrived, patience is not a virtue I am good at. But I have read a lot of reviews on the car and more importantly the engine, which by all acounts is a cracker. The car mags can't stop going on about how good it is... Comments like 'Kickw like a mule', 'probably the best 2.0 litre four turbo in the world' and Refinement and character are right up there as well. ( Will forget about what the person in Autoexpress said this week... probably drives a BM) And no they weren't comments about an engine in a BMW !! If anyone is getting the Quattro in October let me know what you think, but its looking good so far.
  14. Tomtom GO

    No its not YET !! They are bringing the update out soon. Got a message from Tomtom customer services. But you can on the Go if you install the patch that became avaliable at the start of the month. Have a look at the review below. TomTom GPS POI Review at PocketGPS
  15. Tomtom GO

    I have Tomtom on the Palm Tungsten T3. Already had the Palm so for only £200 I got the a wired GPS sensor and the software and all the UK maps and some major roads or Europe. Great product and very easy to install and use. It has a few little issue but reading some GPS forums not one is perfect. The best bit is that they have added POI to enable you to load all the speed camera sites and red light cameras. It alerts you when you approach the camera is a similar way to a road angel... for free!
  16. Sportier look for the A3 Sportback

    Looks good to me. Seems like some people are a little allergic to change..... I would get down to your dealer and have a look at the car in the flesh. The nose is much better looking than that on the A6 IMO. I certainly pefer the new Audi look to the current BMWs and I never thought I would say that. Nothing to do with Bangle.. they just don't hang togeather right. And the new pictures of the 3 just look plain boring and the back is the worst part when it is often normally the best. Mind you I might be just a bit biased seeing as tho I am waiting for a new Sportback at the moment..
  17. New B7 A4 review in Auto Express

    Nope they don't really post that sort of review on their website I am afraid. Its full road tests and snippets of news only really. Hand in pocket time.. I'm afraid.
  18. New B7 A4 review in Auto Express

    If I was you I would take a look at this weeks Autocar. Always avoid Autoexpress.. not really for the avid car nut IMHO. Autocar aren't mega lovers of Audi's either but low and behold they give it a review that says that 'BMW and Mercedes should beware' its one of the best to look at and drive in the class. And on the engine for those that were looking for something special they give it 5/5 stars. 'Probably the best 2.0 litre four in the world'. Great performance, fine flexibility, smoothness and refinement. Doesn't seem that bad to me ... does it. Plus in the article they go on about it kicking like a mule etc. I have a vested interest. Got an A3 Sportback 2.0 FSI T - DSG on order.. can't wait. Is it not Novemeber yet .... Get down to your local newsagents and get a copy. I think you all might be suprised by what they say !!
  19. Oil consumption

    This all seems a bit strange and not quite right I have to say. I have an A4 at the moment and am moving to a A3 Sportback with the new 2.0T FSI engine so will see what thats like. But my point is this. Surely new engines should be designed to use less oil not more?!? My previous car was a Lexus IS200 that had the most gorgeous sounding straight six and mores to the point loved revs and had to be caned to get it to shift but, it hardly used a drop of oil, and certainly never needed to be topped up. And in addition when I check the oil before the next service it was still looked relatively clean and certainly not jet black and thick. Think Audi needs to look at the design of the engines if you ask me !!
  20. A3 Sportback 2.0 T FSI - DSG Ordered !

    Quick update. I had my first sit in an A3 Sportback today. It was bright red which wasn't really my thing but it really looks the business. New face looks brilliant best of the new snouts by far. Any views anyone ?? Boot was big and deep ish and had the luggage pack fitted. Maybe slightly smaller than that on my A4 but not much and was a better shape. In the drivers seat the car was fitted with BOSE (The silver BOSE strip at the top of the door speakers looked the business !!) and full Sat Nav but was in Transport mode so I couldn't play. The sighting of the DIS was much better than in the A3 and as a result made it easier to find a good driving position and be able to see the lower most portion of the DIS screen for the Gear change view on the DSG. The car was a 3.2 DSG Quattro and was obviously ordered as a demonstrator. Had light leather / suede seats whith felt great as ever. All in all the car looks great and I can't wait to get mine even more now. Bring on November
  21. Audi A3 2.0 TDI S-Line Mini Review

    Quick update. I had my first Sit in an A3 Sportback today. It was bright red which wasn't really my thing but it really looks the business. New face looks brilliant best of the new snouts by far. Boot was big and deep ish and had the luggage pack fitted. In the drivers seat the car was fitted with BOSE and full Sat Nav but was in Transport mode so I couldn't play. The sighting of the DIS was much better than in the A3 and as a result made it easier to find a good driving position and be able to see the lower most portion of the DIS screen for the Gear change view on the DSG. All in all the car looks wait and I can't wait to get mine even more now.
  22. Hello all.. I’m new to this forum and this is my first post so here goes nothing. I have just had the pleasure of driving one of the new DSG equipped A3 2.0 TDI S-Line. My current car is an A4 2.5 TDI SE Quattro and as it’s a company car its coming towards the end of its lease.. so time to choose something new. I have decided to downsize and get something quick and with some extra kit so I organised a 24hr test drive of the A3. I didn’t expect the S-Line to arrive only a 2.0 TDI Sport with DSG, but alas along it came. It was the latest spec with the spoiler on the back and everything else looked as it should, extras fitted were the rear parking sensors and Cruise control, however it didn’t have the S-Line badge on the steering wheel.. Strange. First Impressions After it was delivered I was keen to find out what the gearbox was really like. Well its true what all the magazines have said. The gearbox is very impressive sluring up and down gears exactly the same as a normal automatic would but obviously without the mpg penalty. The only problem I found was whilst trying to park it close to a garage that was at the top of a slope. It crawls quite fast and as soon as you even slightly press the break the car disengages the clutch and falls back slightly, then as the clutch finds the bite point again it surges forward at which point in a normal auto you slowly then press the break again to slow it down only in the DSG the car to falls back down the drive again and then looks for the bite point to continue up the drive. Am sure I would get used to it and there may be even a way around it or maybe its one of the DSG limitations. It was a little wet early on in the test drive and I couldn’t believe how much wheel spin I got the first time I planted the throttle turning onto a main road, I can understand why everyone is waiting for the Quattro now (Have gone from rear to 4 wheel drive and had forgotten what wheel spin was almost). Under normal less brutal driving however traction was not a problem. The seats were very supportive and comfortable as was the whole driving position. Although I did think that the DIS was set a bit low. I am 6ft. 2ins and I have to have the steering wheel set quite high to get it over my knees but when set to the maximum height it restricted the view to the gear change view with is placed right at the bottom of the display. I noticed when I got back in my A4 that is was set quite a bit higher… some thought required there I think Audi. One thing that did surprise me was the amount of road noise that came from the tyres, especially from the rear. The A4 is excellent on that front and I except that the tyres will make a big difference but I was still a little disappointed with the harm to the refinement they generated. The Stereo was ok but again not quite as full as the A4 and certainly not as good as that in my previous Lexus that the A4 just matches and certainly betters in the mid range. Would recommend going for the BOSE for those that care about the sound that comes out of the stereo. Although I must stress that it sounds a lot better than just about every basic set-up in any BMW that I have travelled in and is fitted with, equal to the hi-fi set-up in BMWs. So for most they will be very pleased by the sound the system produces. Not sure the base is that clear from the rear tho.. the Sub vibrating in its rear panel quite a lot. On the great debate of Audi Steering and especially the new electronic-hydraulic servo that has appeared on the A3.. all is not as bad as the magazines make out. No it doesn’t feel quite as linear in response to a normal hydraulic power steering set-up but it is by no means terrible. In most situations you would struggle to notice any major difference. On one occasion I felt it straight away, whilst making a quick u-turn in a wide road I had to suddenly put a lot of lock on very quickly, as a result the system failed to catch up. It, thought I wanted a firm straight ahead but in turning sharply I got a very stiff almost completely unassisted feel to the steering meaning all the ability to turn came from my arms and not the assistance from the system, this only happened once whilst doing this manoeuvre but it was a little disconcerting. In all other situations the system was fine and would certainly not put me off the car. The engine was ok. I have been used to the V6 diesel in my car that has a nice tune to it and a very un-diesel like note most of the time. I however am not a real fan of 4 cylinder diesels and was impressed ish but you can still never get away from the diesel coarseness especially high up in the rev range. Mated to the DSG the combo was excellent and had loads of pull and was superb at motorway cruising speeds albeit with the noisy un-refined road noise generated from the tyres. I took the car out at night on a road I know well and gave it a bit of stick. The DSG was fun to use but I would have liked it if it stayed in Semi-Automatic for longer and not defaulted back to full auto. The roads were wet but the car gripped well and with understeer well restrained for a front wheel drive car. The ride was also good and not at all jarring for a car running such low profile tyres. I did drive the car in the dry but didn’t have the chance to take it to any quiet roads to judge its dry road handling. I would include the interior light pack as well, it does such a good job at lifting the interior at night. Verdict All in all a great car. The fit and finish inside was excellent and nothing could really be faulted with the controls except for the sighting of the DIS. It didn’t really feel any smaller than the A4 either for those down sizing, just a slightly cosier feel to it really. The diesel is impressive with its power and refinement at cruising, just not my cup of tea. The steering and handling were also good. All in all I couldn’t really find any major fault with the car and would heartily recommend it to the young and old alike. As a result on Tuesday of last week I ordered an Audi A3 Sportback 2.0 T FSI – DSG, I wish November would hurry up !!
  23. Ordered at Last!!

    Had a test drive of the A3 S-line a few weeks ago, very nice motor. I wrote a review in the review section A3 2.0 TDI S-Line -DSG Mini Review . In the end I have decided to order the 2.0 T FSI Sportback with a load of extras. The diesel was good but just not my cup of tea really. Still have petrol flowing through my veins even though I am driving a 2.5 TDI A4 at the moment. Plus they are going to face lift the A3 next year so didn't want to drive the old model for a few years. Agree about the 1 Series .. its just too small.
  24. A3 Sportback 2.0 T FSI - DSG Ordered !

    Unfortunately as this is going to be a company car I can’t wait for the S-Line. In the hope of getting the car as soon as possible I ordered the car on the day it was available to get a quote from with the lease company my company uses. Its got a P11D value of only just under 26k as it is. Did think about the S-Line after seeing the photos but I actually prefer the 16 spoke alloys even though they are only 17"s. I will post some photos as soon as I get it…. Is it not November yet !! Doh. So does anyone else agree that the face on the Sportback is the best so far ? And possibly even better than the front of the current A3 ??