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  1. M2 or Macan

    I've said different elsewhere, but I think I'd probably choose the Macan over the M2. Very rare I would get the chance to enjoy an M2 and if you already still enjoy the Macan then keep that and enjoy your other BMW.
  2. F1 2018 Drivers list

    Just can't warm to him at all unfortunately, he isn't a character. There are a good few people offering other angles in F1 these days which is good he just comes across as dull and too corporate.
  3. F1 2018 Drivers list

    I know Palmer has been unlucky but I just don't see the spark with him.
  4. Excellent, you on live once you might as well enjoy it.
  5. The £1k mobile phone

    Yep as above, you would need get phone out of pocket, double tap the screen to make it an apple pay payment, whilst looking at the screen, place phone against the terminal. Not much different to paying by finger print, easiest way is with a watch for ease. Thats just a double tap of the side button and place watch against reader.
  6. The £1k mobile phone

    That would certainly make things better. I'm moving from an iPhone 6 so it will be a mega leap either way, I can jump again in 12 months if I want, I've gone for another SIMO deal which was cheaper than getting the full 2 year Voda contract even with a 15% discount, so got the phone outright.
  7. The £1k mobile phone

    You need to be careful they aren't the same phone and the US models won't support all UK networks. I've ordered an 8 Plus. Not sold on Face ID for many reasons and I don't feel its obsolete at all. Its like saying that you wouldn't buy an older model car to drive when many do. So does that mean if you don't drive the very latest Merc or BMW then its obsolete and you are an idot for driving it, really don't get that. Face ID from what I've seen isn't as slick as I'd like and its only for once person to one phone. I regularly share my phone with my wife and the kids sometimes use it, I would end up putting the code in all the time in that case. Plus its understood they wanted to have a touch ID as an under-display option but time and manufacturing issues stopped it and they went with Face ID only; I think they would like to have gone with both for a reason.
  8. The £1k mobile phone

    The videos I've seen so far of the Face ID don't look that great, to me. I can certainly see the benefit and the power of any the new phones is incredible. I need a new phone and I'm undecided what to do, get an 8, 8plus or wait for the X... MMMmm I suspect I won't wait for the new phone and will get an iPhone 8+ on a contract as we get 15-30% off if we get a bundled deal and calculations in the past had that as the cheapest option.
  9. I bought one of these as part of the original kickstarted campaign. Doesn't take up much space and you can get a fair few cars in it, has nicely slimmed my pocket down.
  10. Music streaming

    No idea, what something I saw in one of the menues. Not sure entirely what it offers other than I get the full album art / control of Spotify from the iDrive I suspect you will have it or it will offer the same.
  11. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    No idea, did you have 200mb broadband and everything else? For me sometimes its the value of hassle vs reward, I got a big discount, paying less than everyone I know in work and I'm happy and saving more than I was.
  12. The new TVR Griffith

    I should point out that a certain Patently that unfortunately doesn't frequent this forum was heavily involved in helping with the patents for the car and its Gordon Murray genius. Yours a proud TSN member. Cheers Patently, you are welcome back anytime.
  13. 420d xdrive mpg

    I was genuinely looking at a fruity petrol when I changed, a 3GT as I really loved the 330i I had before. But everything is diesel its rare to even find a half decent petrol anymore. 335i / 340i are hard to come by. I still hanker after a Cayman as a second car, just a 2.9 (fairly rare) not bothered about power. I want to spank it to death at times and enjoy a drive in Wales and take my son. A promotion and pay rise make that closer if only I can get my accountant wife to release funds.. gggrrrr
  14. Music streaming

    I wouldn't be without Spotify now, use it all the time and the integration in the car is good as well.
  15. 420d xdrive mpg

    I drove home yesterday and got 48.8mpg, in a 535d GT, I'd say that was pretty darn good. Overall MPG is 40.5 which is up on my last 530d GT that was 38.5 overall when it left me. So more power and better economy, result.
  16. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    I've on pretty much everything bar any Sky channels on VM and paying £65 a month at the moment, I think thats pretty good.
  17. 420d xdrive mpg

    They do some how seem to be more than the sum of their parts. I've had Audi, Lexus and more and the BMW have felt better to drive and to be in than any other. As you say there is more exotic options but BMW ticks most of the boxes I need ticking very very well. Dealers have been great mostly, even the recovery service is stunning. I've used it once and so has my wife (puncture and the local tyre places didn't have a replacement), she was so impressed (Replacement 5 series waiting for here when she got home, taxi paid for to get her back and even a last minute service done when it was in the dealer), that its now a significant factor in getting another BMW probably an X1 next time. Dave has a Jag as well now don't forget he should really have a proper look at a BMW but there are always other factors for some, currently digital dash is poor and some really want that but he actual map tech is streets ahead IMO. No idea what I will get next but a BMW will certainly be on the list.
  18. 2017 Fitness Thread

    As for looking silly don't, just try your best and get training. We have a Marathon that runs very close to us in Manchester that we watch each year. The people that come down the rear are often fat and overweight and I genuinely have concern for them as at 8miles they look finished. However they are trying and for all I know they make it to the end. Give it a go, what have you got to lose.
  19. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Firstly download the Couch Potato to 5k for the iPhone / Android and start doing some running now. Yes you want to do 10k but at the least you get off the sofa and start moving, you might as well give it a go and see how the training progresses. If things go well speed it up a little but I wouldn't do too much as you can injure yourself it you go too hard too soon.
  20. F1 2017

    Bit of an open secret that if the car is slow and heading to the back of the field he has been parking it; if it hasn't already failed at that point. If they can't give him a car that can get him in the points then why bother seems to be his attitude. Can't blame him I suspect he was promised big things and unfortunately Honda just haven't deliver in reliability or power. The fact that Vandoorne had to take huge penalties to then put the old engine back in isn't helping the situation and the feelings I'm sure. I think Honda have said here big update have a play we will be right at the sharp end and then yet again another 'Oh maybe not' incident is the last straw for them or Alonso. Reports are he might be going to Renault and McLaren are getting a Renault engine either way McLaren are in a terrible place for such a strong and successful team. Not good for F1, but at least its a good close competition at the front at the moment, great to see I hope it continues.
  21. 420d xdrive mpg

    Who needs a hybrid.
  22. Very much real but not something you would want too search for and visit without and erm shall we say protection. I don't think many people realise what is going on in the real dark parts of the internet that many business especially need to worry about. Ignorance is bliss for many I guess.
  23. Audi Naming System

    Yeah is this a move to show what power you will get in a hybrid / full electric. So they can show you have X KW of power so thats a 35..?? I presume so.
  24. Young persons' car insurance

    I suspect some of the newer cars might be fitted with newer auto braking tech as I can see this being a big push to reducing car insurance. As most crashes are front end collisions getting a car with that as standard can only help surely, that and ESP now reduces the slippery road, driving mad crash. My wifes car has the braking tech as standard and I can't help but think that is part of the reason its nearly a quarter of the cost of my car to insure. The size, engine and cost might all have an effect though I admit.
  25. MOTs in older cars

    I think tyres are one of the largest reasons for failure. Many people just see a car as an alliance that they just run and run and service when it tells them (most of the time). I think we lose some of reality of how other people think about their cars. A colleague recently got a 1.0 Audi A3 for his commute of a very good leasing deal. I mentioned that must be fun 0-60 once a week car, his response was it does all the speed limits it gets me from A-B and its reliable what else do I need. It was a good point well made, it was a utility for him and pretty much nothing more.