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  1. Sounds great and certainly seems to be lapping up the miles. Though I do hear lots of issues in and around the EGR. 

    My wife had issues with hers and its only just got to 3 years old and has done only 30k ish miles as well. 

  2. Go for a the heart option, far easier then to explain it to yourself later. The head option of the older one isn't that much less and as you say is already showing in that particular one its age a little. 

    The newer one has the spec, colour and longevity that you want for only a bit more go for that one I'm sure you won't regret it. 

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  3. Very nice indeed - get some photos up when you get them. I keep having a look at X 40i/d but haven't pulled the trigger. 

    I've driven my current motor about 3 times in 3 months so buying a new car for it to sit there as an ornament doesn't seem to make sense at the moment.

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  4. Mmmmm interesting. If you just want a fast way to get in and out of work then the AMG or an M5 would be perfect. 

    As for which one I guess that depends on the budget you want to push to. I've decided to keep my car for longer as I can't be bothered on spending more to get more or less the same this time.

    You could always look at the M3 V8 as an alternative or try and get a 4 door maybe?

  5. There is a view that sometimes teams focused too much on him and his opinion against other wisdom. He has certainly cost McLaren dear in his requests for what but there issues run far deeper. 

    I guess I feel the same about Schumacher, never warmed to him at all but respected him as a racer. Didn't like his tactics and arguable he stole some wins through what some might say is cheating and you can't say that for Hamilton. 

    Prost again was excellent but cold for me and too clinical and didn't have the passion. 

    Senna, Hamilton, Schumacher, Alonso, Prost for me in that order all during my time in relation to F1, although I'd say there are some that inspired in other series or bikes but thats for another debate all together.  

  6. Going to be very interesting to see how this pans our. Renault have got some very good technical guys that haven't joined recently so it will be interesting to see how this goes. 

    I think he wanted the move to get out under the shadow of Max which they have obviously got as No. 1 drive and I suspect he will get a chunk extra cash. One article seems to think he will be getting £20m which will be way more than Redbull were offering. 

  7. BMW never took all the buttons away, even on my 330i years ago it still had many of the normal buttons and buttons that you can set to do what you want as a quick shortcut. 

    As for the 8, yeah its moved even more upmarket from the 6 of before and more premium options to boot and its an entirely new car.

  8. Yeah I can see that I was going to say I will be interested to see what they look like when I see one in the flesh. Certainly think they are quite colour sensitive but overall a really good looking car to me. 

    See what the 4 door looks like. +++

  9. The Honda engine has proven to be better this year and the most recent update seems to have given a good step. Honda aren't as bad as Mclaren have made them to look in reality so its going to be interesting to see how things are played out. 

    Did anyone also read that there seems to be a mini mutiny at McLaren trying to push out good old Eric B it seems. I'd personally say they have forgotten to integrate as a race team should do and they aren't focused on the racing and being too robotic and finger pointing. 



  10. On the size point its getting silly, my car is huge in that respect and annoying with it. We tend to use the wife car at the weekend for that reason. 

    Take mine to many supermarkets and its always sticking out and only just fitting in the space. To make matters worse the 6 GT is even longer and wider than the 5GT which is the last thing I wanted. 

    I'm considering going X3 40iM or GLC43 as a replacement I quite like driving the wifes car and having something all our performance when I can hardly ever us it I just find frustrating personally. I'd prefer something that sounded fantastic and had average performance I could have fun with on a backroad. 

    Anyway decision is a way so slightly academic. 

  11. Yeah M3 stopping as they have to change to put a particulate filter on all cars (yes even the petrols) and didn't want to do it on a car that was going out of production. New 3 series out soon M4 is getting the filter as it has a way to go before being replaced. +++

    BMW seem to have taken some of the criticism of the M3/4 to heart and there are plenty of reports the 8 series sets a bit of a new direction with engines sounding better being part of that. Will have to see if the proof is in the pudding I guess.