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  1. Noble's design study!

    You should than take help some professional ...... sign design melbourne
  2. skoda octavia sdi 02.exhaust noise

    The 110 and I think the 130 have VVT (variable vane) turbos which can get sticky vanes on the exhaust side - this can cause a overboost to occur and the car to go into limp home mode (power cycling the ignition cures the limp-home mode). The solution seems to be to clean the turbo up, although this is not a job everyone fancies doing. I think it is about 90 mins work to get it off / refit, to you would be looking at 3 hours before the clean up process takes place.
  3. Tonight Cilla...

    hahhahahhaha Are you sure? what is the reason behind to chose Oldham as your favorite one forever?
  4. Alfa Romeo 6C Cuore Sportivo Design Concept

    Nice note about the car structure and design. Above the features and note, i like the pictures which you have attached. the design is so cool and awesome.
  5. Cayman S Design Edition Question...

    Every thing is possible in these days, World is getting so much advanced day by day, if you want to remove door than you can easily do it, if you feared about the paint spot or rust than you can bring your car to the graphic painter , he will change and remove all the spots from your car.
  6. Noble's design study!

    I dont know about it all, but if it is true than the design will get so popularity. because the structure and features which you tell us are really awesome.