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  1. Test: 1996 Ford Fiesta L 1.3 First Car: 1992 Renault Clio 1.2 "Night & Day" First Crash: Volkswagen (Mk3) Golf GL 1.8 (The Red Barron!) Reason: Hit up the @rse at the lights by some tw@t who wasn't paying attention to the road.
  2. Milbrook Proving Ground hits 40

    I drove the VW Phaeton round the bowl and the Alpine course and a Touarag on the off road couse several years back whilst working for VW, what a fantastic location!
  3. Stolen R32

    Hi Guy's It was found Last Night in Toddington stripped out, Reccaro's taken, trim removed and anything else that wasn't firmly stuck down gone. Thanks for keeping an eye out and remember to be careful, there's a lot of thieving sh1tes out there! DD
  4. Stolen R32

    My thoughts exactly.
  5. Stolen R32

    Hi Guy's Not posted for a while and I hope your all well, I just wanted to use the collective eyes of the TSN massive. A young lad at my Wife's work got his Mk5 Golf R32 pinched last night. They broke into his house in Leighton Buzzard and got his keys and wallet. They didn't wake him (thankfully) and when he woke, his car was gone. It has a tracker so hopfully he will see it again but probably not before half the trim gets ripped out. It was a Silver, Mk5 with a reg along the lines of L311LOT (looks like ELLIOT). If anyone spot's it, please drop me a PM. Cheers in advance. DD
  6. Hi guy's been a while but need a little help please. Sorry for the essay: I think ive made a BIG mistake. I recently had a friend (Master Tech for a large motor company) change my timing belt and tensioner @ 110k miles (no idea if this has ever been done before and thought better safe than sorry). To be honest I rather wish I hadn't now. He did the work and replaced the rocker cover gasket (as was leaking slightly), oil breather pipe and distributor cap seals (both perishing) while he was doing it. So 2 days later, im driving to work and the engines not sounding right, like the timings out. On the way home it then over heats by dumping all its water/coolant out the top of the expansion tank bottle while im in petrol station. Got the mate to have another look, and run it while im there and it starts sounding fine, he says nothing wrong all ok, fills up coolant/water, drives fine again for another week then dumps water out the expansion tank bottle again. Everyone I talk to says probably head gasket. I decide to get the head gasket done as a matter of precaution, went to ECP and get gasket kit and stretch bolts. Another mate takes a look (not a tech but had some garage/hands on experience) and to fit new exhaust centre box and brake hose while he is at it. Head gasket does need doing and he starts to replace. Looks at the Cam belt and its really loose (like can slip off with his hands) and starting to shred at the sides. Now im annoyed to the max with the 1st bloke who is a Master Tech as the timings way out and the new belt is knackered. Im in the process of buying a Haynes manual but in the mean time, does anyone know where I can obtain the timing information so I can get this sorted ASAP? It's a '91 H reg 8v GTI (big bumper). Bills are starting mount up on a car that at today’s prices is worth no more than £600. I really like Dubby (as she's known to me and my lad) but am at the point that I may have to have the old girl put down. Thanks DD
  7. Your childhood dream car

    Countach, 959, F40, they all dominated one wall. Never driven any of them but the dream is still there.
  8. Fantasy Football League 2008

    Meh, I couldn't find the FF1 thread.
  9. Fantasy Football League 2008

    So a pretty convincing 93 point stomping of the TSN league for Daddydub then. Oh and DaddyDubz Dawgz finished 24th in the world out of nearly 1500, if rather chuffed with myself.
  10. What's your favourite car from the 80s?

    Might sound a bit strange for someone in his late 20's to say this but I think the 1980's is one of my fav decades for car pron. I loved the boxyness of them, so beautiful IMO. So many cars that I would love to own. A lot of them have been posted already but a few fav's: VW Mk2 Golf G60 Rallye VW Corrado VR6 Audi Quattro Lancia Delta S4 Porsche 959 (yeah I know this one isn't boxy) Renault 5 GT Turbo Ferrari F40 BMW M1 Ford RS200 Peugeot 405 T16 GR Mitsubishi Starion
  11. Monza F1 GP Banter

    So pleased for Vettel, great to see in F1, he will be one to watch in the future without a doubt! LH drove well but as has been said was unlucky with the pit stop timing. Result for LH was that Massa couldn't take advantage of his better starting position. Bring on the Night race! Cant wait!
  12. SEAT pull out of BTCC

    Sad news, im a Seat/Plato fan in BTCC, wont bother watching now, although will this start the (imho) cheating Vauxhalls playing dirty with each other? Ill start watching WTCC now I think.
  13. Monza F1 GP Banter

    Im just wondering how the FIA/Stewards will screw Mclaren out of a win this weekend?! ...but im not bitter.
  14. VW Racing Caddy

    I thought 12th Oct was the next (last) races of the season @ Donnington Park?
  15. '58 Plate Cars

    Just seen 1st one a second ago, An A5 parked in the visitor bays outside my work.