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  1. Postage refund, I sure did, happy days... You're an honest bloke an I 'm over the moon to have these bits to add to my car. p.s. Thought I'd sent you a message already about receiving the postage refund... not to worry
  2. Received this morning. Thanks a million, will fit this weekend hopefully.
  3. Good stuff. I love it when a plan comes together
  4. Well how about £60 then incl. postage. Nice that you got the weekend out of your system... I wont ask which end it left
  5. Not to hassle you or anything But did you get a chance to check the postage costs
  6. No prob, talk to ye then, cheers.
  7. Hi Milo, Do you still have these for sale? I can take these off you for £55 including shipping to Dublin, Ireland? Cheers
  8. Was This Your RS3??

    Awful shame to see such a great car in that condition!
  9. St Anton, March

    Can't remember ANY of the names of places I was in but most of them were pretty decent. You should have no bother trying to find a decent drink etc
  10. Tuning chip A6

    Have to agree with you there. Why drive it normally when there's used oil in there and then softly when it's been changed!!!! Does that mean if you never service a race car, it will perform better :/
  11. Ktm super duke r

    I sat on one in the NEC last year and I have to say, it just felt so uncomfortable. The seat was too wide and flat and the corners of them were sharp enough. They do look the dogs tho.
  12. Ktm super duke r

    I concur, the headlight is god awful!
  13. New RS4's

    Get some pics up for God sake!! :D
  14. Follow me home lights

    Only if you have remote locking... I, unfortunately, don't. It's a 97 B5 Quattro :/
  15. Remapping diesels

    I've just bought a A4 1.9 TDi Quattro and because of the extra weight of diff and drive shaft, a remap is a must Soon........ very soon