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  1. iPhone 4.1 OS

    My 3GS in my S3 now has the problem that connections are now dropping quicker than a whore's knickers... Not impressed.
  2. The car is only 10 months old, and no modifications at all. It's getting worse now too - or at least I am noticing it more now Audi confirmed it was a problem. Apparently there is a software fix for all S-tronic boxes that fixes hesitation, but I've not got any details on that yet.
  3. Hopefully warranty covered, but that sounds a pain.
  4. Police S3

    There is one in Sheffield too, along with a silver Focus ST with black wheels, and what looks like a personalised plate. They're going to some effort now. :mad:
  5. Audi S1 Spy-shots

    I doubt that will be the final S1. Where are the usual S traits of silver mirrors? I bet there's still a few bits they'll change. I happen to think it's quiet nice actually, but may not be the best colour they've shown it in. I've seen a white one, in S-line guise that looked a lot more aggressive than that.
  6. Guys, Got an 59-plate S3 with DSG/S-tronic, and has been running fine for a while. About 6 months ago, it went into limp-home mode once, and hasn't done that again. Within the last month though, I am finding flat spots around gears 3 and 4, where pressing the accelerator pedal apart from flat to the floor, has had little to no impact on the speed. It does within 2/3 seconds, start increasing speed, but by the time, it tends to spool up the turbo, and then dump it all the the clutch. While fun, this can cause alarming moments when I am not actually wanting it to do that. It does it in Drive and Sport, but not as bad in sport. From stand-still the car pulls quickly and well, it's only when I'm already moving. I also feel it doesn't down-shift much as I slow on approach to a roundabout, and I have to either stop, or down-shift myself to get enough power to move off safely. Took it out with an Audi tech today, and he confirmed it's not right, but he doesn't know what it is. He's raising it with Audi and I have to take the car back in, but not for a month's time. Is there anything obvious that it could be? I was told these cars learn your driving style, so would resetting the ECU have an effect? I might have been a little heavier on the car when I first go it, perhaps. Any ideas? Cheers.
  7. How to reset ECU correctly?

    All you are doing in clearing the ecu memory, basicly what the dealer does when he resets your ecu. It will clear your driving charistics and start from scratch. Through time the car adapts to how u drive, so if u are stuck in traffic a lot this will affect how your car drives over a period of time. and you can reset with a push of a button. Andy, does this learning of your driving characteristics change if your driving style changes, or does the ECU need resetting to do that? I've recently calmed down, somewhat, after getting my S3, and now feel the accelerator seems to feel a little like On or Off in Drive mode. This is probably how I was driving when I first got it as it was fun. As I seem to have changed a little, will the car eventually learn this, and adapt, or should I reset it myself? Cheers
  8. First service

    No, actually he didn't call back. Will enquire! I thought you'd started looking at 1 series again?
  9. First service

    Hmm, going to have to call my dealer, as he told me I had a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty. Thanks for the advice guys
  10. First service

    On a new car, does the first service (in my case, just an inspection service) have to be performed by the dealer? I knew things had changed since Block exemption rules where changed, but these rules expire this year (not sure when), but does this apply to servicing anyway? There is a service place that is run by two previous head-techs from Audi, but as they're not a dealer I don't wish to invalidate my warranty. Any advice would be welcome
  11. Advice on Car Financing

    Gareth on here is good, and I also highly rate Booster who is also a finance guru and who helped me out a few years back
  12. Thousands of speed camera to be switched off

    Same in South/West Yorkshire. Not sure where these cars are destined for, but 6 new Evo's have been delivered to the Police Operations in Sheffield recently. Not sure if they are all for this area, but we do see a lot of new Police cars coming in and out of this complex in the last few months. A lot of 3/5 series tourers too. They're certainly spending more on new cars. Seeing a lot more police cars on the A1/M18 area and more unmarked Discovery's on the M1. Sneaky. South Yorkshire Plod have also said the cameras will be staying.
  13. Will be there mate. Shark Performance open day attendees: A8_Tony Sparky
  14. S3 values

    Woppum, I just traded my 07 S3 in, and I was given around the £18k mark (38,000 miles). It's a great daily car. I drove mine like it was stolen, and I rarely got below 22mpg, or 31/32 when driving normally. I've just swapped it for a S-tronic one, which I feel is even better, but I think this was only an option late 2008. Certainly challenges a lot of cars on the road. Waiting for mine to be run in a bit more, and then getting Shark Performance to map it.
  15. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric

    Picked up a new S3 yesterday, so the Goodyears have gone. New car is on Bridgestones - massive difference, in a positive way.