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  1. Bumper Scratch Help PLZ

  2. Bumper Scratch Help PLZ

    thnks chri5 will try that
  3. Scratch removal pen.

    Those scratch removal pens are useless. i have tried a few and if they work they mask it a bit but as you change your viewing angle, you can see it is still there My advice....if you wish to try it out it try it and return it . Buy one that offers so called result money back guarantee though so that when you return it you can always say the stuff does not work and get your money back.
  4. Bumper Scratch Help PLZ

    Hi Got these two scratches on my bumper. It was caused by my snow brush i think while i was removing snow. Can anyone tell me what i could use to remove them please. i already have some Quixx repair system but i don't know if it is suitable for it . Need your input since i don't want to spoil anything. thanks in advance guys