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  1. Smelly Passat!

    Check that the smell isn't coming from the washer bottle. Some fluids and sometimes just contaminated water can produce an awful smell. If it is remove the whole bottle and clean internally as best you can adding some bleach to kill the bacteria causing the problem.
  2. how many batteries do I need for 98 passat key

    98 Passat B 5 remote locking key requires 2 x CR2016 3v lithium batteries which are 1.6mm thick giving a total thickness of 3.2mm. These are the correct batteries both in thickness and diameter. My 2002 Passat B 5.5 takes a single CR2032 3v which is the same diameter and 3.2mm thick. Buy them fresh from a regular source. However they do have a life of up to 10 years in dry storage. I have recently paid £2.90 + Vat for a box of 10 Hitatchi/MAXELL CR2032 from Cousins UK - Wholesale Clock Watch parts batteries jewellery findings Tools E who apart from the website have two outlets, Cousins Material House in Romford and Cousins Tool Centre in The Jewellery Quarter, B'ham.
  3. mpg

    I have a similar model with 116k miles that gives 55mpg on a run and 47-48 overall and fitted with a chip so you seem to be getting less than you should. I get 34-36 towing a caravan. Have you replaced air-filter and cleaned filter air box too. Obvious I know. Also rev it hard regularly to clean out all the soot!
  4. sluggish passat tdi auto

    Possible/probable air mass meter. Easy DIY replacement in 10 mins if it is. Cost exchange is approx £80. Get another opinion before you buy. Change your air filter at the same time and clean out the air filter housing as well. They can hold an amazing amount of dead flies, leaves, grass and dust!
  5. 2001 passat - misfire problem

    Please let us know how you get on with the misfire problem. With a similar car from 2002 but with no problems at present, need to know the possible solution! Thanks
  6. Advice needed

    Cam belts should be replaced at a maximum of four year intervals according to VW so your cambelt will need changing. My 2002 130 TDI is on 111k but will have to have its second cambelt replacement in September rather than wait for 120k to show.
  7. Golf TDI Clutch replacement.

    Thanks Benjie. Phoned around today, VW Dealer 1. Parts £220 inc Vat, Labour £350 inc Vat. Total £570. VW Dealer 2. £260 labour plus parts plus Vat. Although she rang back an hour later she had no idea how much the parts would cost. VW Dealer 3. £495 inc Vat. Charged £78 per hour plus Vat. None of the above were really interested and disliked questions! Independant VW Dealer. Extremely polite, said that they only used LUK OEM parts and would replace Clutch pressure plate, friction plate, release bearing, sleeve and new bolts as required. Total inc Vat £335. The Clutch parts kit from VW to do the job yourself is £109.73 inc Vat, plus approx £15 for the sleeve and bolts and there is a £15 surcharge on the return of the old clutch. The above price could attract a discount of 20% if you know a dealer well. If not buy from a parts supplier for approx £80. (Its my sons Golf TDI 90bhp fitted with a chip and has done approx 140k)
  8. Golf TDI Clutch replacement.

    Hasn't anyone had a clutch replaced and can recall the cost?
  9. Could you give me a ball-park-figure fo replacement clutch on a 1996 Golf TDi? Need to have the complete clutch assembly replaced. Both VW dealer price and alternative dealer. Can you recommend anyone in Cardiff. Thank you.
  10. passat central locking

    Not sure about your boot but my drivers door does the same thing. Mine is caused by a faulty drivers door locking module which doesn't recognise that the door is open, therefore doesn't show on the illuminated dashboard, and as such automatically locks the door after a set time. Perhaps your boot has a faulty lock module too. I will add that my car is the estate. The module can usually be repaired as it is often a broken solder joint on a microswitch/circuitboard caused by constant slamming of the door/boot etc. To stop my car locking with the keys in I also open/close any other door as well. This then 'registers' that the car has been unlocked and doesn't attempt to re-lock it with your keys in. At least it gives you time to get it fixed.
  11. Passat Estate Roof Trim

    Sorry, forgot to mention the car is a 2002 Passat Estate. The part no is 389 853 702 E in Fresco Green.
  12. Passat Estate Roof Trim

    On a recent trip to Scotland in heavy rain I lost the drivers side length of painted trim that extends from the windscreen to the tailgate. It fits in a channel to hide the roof join, approx 2 metres long by 12mm wide. Mine is in body colour Fresco Green Metallic. Does anyone have one to sell or know of a breaker who has one? They were available in body colour but now only in black at approx £38 and have to be painted. Any ideas where a S/H one could be sourced? Thanks.
  13. Fan Belt Tensioner Problem

    My sons freewheeling pulley seized and snapped the auxilliary belt. Think the part cost £38 on a Passat sport estate. I'm due for a cambelt in 8k at 120k in a 52 plate Passat 130 tdi Sport and will have all belts replaced plus tensioner, waterpump, thermostat and freewheeling pulley. false economy not too. Doesn't stop me hitting badgers though. Another one tonight, second in a fortnight. Two grilles this time, only one last. Always this time of year too.
  14. brake fault warning

    You are supposed to bleed off the surplus brake fluid when compressing the piston rather than forcing it back up into the reservoir which I have read can damage the ABS unit. When the older reservoirs had the float switch on the top that made contact when the brake fluid fell, forcing fluid back would overfill the reservoir, short the contacts and illuminate the dashboard low fluid level light. Exactly the opposite to what had happened. You were not aware of this at the time, You bleed the brakes, left the fluid at the correct level and then found the low fluid light lit. It was necessary to prise apart the reservoir float switch and clean out the float switch to rectify. Have you got one of these old type switches?
  15. Speedo dials

    Not sure if your car is the same as a couple of VW's I've had which have one bulb that lights up several dials/points behind the dash through a clear solid plastic 'spider' to distribute the light to where it is needed. It does it by reflecting the light within the plastic reflecting it along. Not a very technical answer but there does seem to be a certain amount of magic involved! I would add I have no knowledge of post 2002 VW's with led's.