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  1. S4 guide

    Many thanks Ian - much appreciated
  2. S4 guide

    Ive got my eye on a couple of S4's of around 2005 / 2007 age, both around the 50k miles mark Is there anything major I should be aware in terms of known issues, when looking please?
  3. Drink driver in a Range Rover sport

    Generally speaking, Subaru drivers are c***s too
  4. Drink driver in a Range Rover sport

    Chav With a post like that, concentrating more on what someone is driving than the fact they they are drunk at the wheel, makes you look like a c**k too. I really cant believe the self centred crap that comes out of peoples mouths sometimes
  5. Ari's new motor!

    Nice Ari, ... at least in a Right Said Fred sort of way, anyway. Very "Blue Oyster"
  6. England 12: Aus 10

    Absolutley superb! Especially satisfying, after all the rubbishing of England that the Ozzies have been doing.
  7. [ QUOTE ] I've often suspected the whole traffic light and amendments to road layouts was a stitch up to make traffic worse to be able to penalise the motorist more, especially when you see some of the STUPID stuff they do in Portsmouth... Traffic lights 100yards apart with different phasing, perfectly working roundabouts replaced with traffic lights etc. Grr... [/ QUOTE ] Ive noticed things like this too. in Milton Keynes (between the hockey stadium and staples for those that know the place) they have demolished a roundabout and replaced it with the worst set of traffic lights I have ever known. Before the lights were there, there were very little holdups ... and now theres holdups all the time, even on weekend mornings, when previously you could drive straight through this used to be a regular route for me, but I avoid it now. Someone got a lot of money for messing that route up
  8. Mr McCann

    Poor taste
  9. Detailing

    For all you detailing nuts ... Linky
  10. toot toot

    I know I shouldnt find these vids funny, but ...
  11. Oh dear, oh dear ... my disco looks slightly out of place doesnt it Next time, I'll have to tow my jetski down with me, to at least give an impression of something that goes fast. (It flippin should go fast too ... it uses £100 worth of fuel every day I go out on it ) Nice pics Ian
  12. Good to meet you all! I was shocked by the vw pickup with the RS4 engine Sorry I had to leave at short notice . I was called out and had to go into work till past midnight Still, it pays the wages
  13. British Touring Car Championship WTF?

    Doesnt sound too good. if they apply this to F1, I wonder how long it will take Alonso to "fix" things in his favour