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  1. c5 s6 avant no servotronic

    Can't give you a definitive answer but are you checking in Elsawin for the correct version. Audi has an annoying habit of changing the location of fuses and relays depending on whether the car is left or right hand drive
  2. A6 2202 1.9tdi Flasher Relay Replacement

    When I did it ( a few years ago admittedly) I just used a pair of pointed nose pliers, certainly no special tool. I don't recall there being any clips but if you look at the replacement you can quickly see where they are and use a small screwdriver to press them is as appropriate. Damaging the old one getting it out is not an issue as it is going in the bin although you obviously do not want to damage the dash around where the switch sits.
  3. A6 2202 1.9tdi Flasher Relay Replacement

    The flasher relay is part of the Hazard switch and fairly common failure on the C5 A6. To replace it you need to carefully remove the piece of trim on the dash surrounding the switch. IIRC there are 4 clips across the top and 4 along the bottom. A screwdriver or palette knife is probably your best bet. Once removed you can pull the Hazard Switch out with a pair of pointed nose pliers. You then pop the new switch in (you will need to get it from Audi as Halfords will not carry such an item) and then push the trim back on and off you go
  4. A6 virgin

    There was a facelift around about 2002 (can't quite remember the exact date) and after that there were Base, SE and Sport Specs so best to get a facelift one if you can. SE gave you a front centre armrest and cruise control, Sport gave you sports suspension, fully painted bumpers/sills (SE's had grey lower parts) and sports seats (including electric lumber support). Also post facelift the Symphony stereo (although Concert was standard) was upgraded to Symphony II which meant an in dash CD changer rather than having the CD changer in the boot. Also at this time you could quattro with pretty well all the engine options including the 1.8T. I had a '99 1.8T SE which I replaced with an '03 1.8T Sport. Later there was run-out special edition, but I think they were only diesel savants. I would go for a Sport over the SE and if a saloon try to find one with parking sensors at least at the rear as it is very hard to judge the rear of the car when parking
  5. Wheel Fitment and Offset

    Can't confirm the offset but the standard Le Mans wheels are 8.5J.
  6. Lane display on satnav screen

    I think what the OP was asking about was the presence of schematic display on the MMI screen when approaching a junction and being asked to make a change in direction by the Sat Nav, not the lane assist system which alerts you to other cars or prevents you drifting out of lane, so no hardware upgrades or cameras required. Certainly the lane information provided on the SD based sat nav system in my C7 is far superior to that provided by the DVD based system in my C6 where the info displayed in the DIS was simplistic regarding lane changes etc and the map simply zoomed in to show the route in more detail. In my C7 on the MMI screen I now get a very clear schematic of the road/junction showing which lane to be in.
  7. Lane display on satnav screen

    Very unlikely. Your friend's A5 almost certainly has the 3G Sat Nav system, and it is probably the hard disk based version as well which were much superior to the 2G version which is in your car. The A6 was facelifted for the 2009 model year (ie production from Summer 2008) and the Sat Nav was updated to the 3G version at that time. However the DVD based 3G version did not include lane information, again leading me to believe your friend has the hard disk version in his A5 which I think (along with the A4) also had the update to the 3G variant at about the same time
  8. A6 Allroad radio/satnav

    Depending on the year/platform of your Allroad there are a lot of electronics located under the carpet in the front passenger footwell. It sounds like this has got flooded and causing problems.
  9. Anyone got a new 2.0tdi A6?????

    I think it is also the case that with an auto of any variety they can adjust the software to optimise the outcome of the official tests even more so than in a manual, This then creates artificial results showing an auto to be more economical than a maual although in the case of the 2.0TDi A6 the auto is actually slightly less efficient in the Combined programme and delivers 3g higher C)2 but 0.5 sec quicker to 62mph.
  10. End of the allroad :(

    If you want inspiration as to what can be achieved with an Audi that looks only good for the breakers have a look here Audi A6 Avant - Refurb & Repair (Pic heavy) - Detailing World
  11. Anyone got a new 2.0tdi A6?????

    Done 1250 miles on it, a fair few short journeys in that time so not best conditions, and getting 42.8 mpg. This is on a par with my previous 2.0TDie which had 35000 miles on it and about 10% better than the first 1000 miles with that car so all in all I am not unhappy. Also read an article by Steve Cropley of Autocar the other day discussing fuel consumption on new cars which suggested that 10% gain over the first 4000 miles was the norm (quoted from Ford engineers who were stating that the new 3 cylinder 1.0 litre engine does not suffer from this initial penalty in the same way)
  12. MMI version

    Be very wary of online sellers offering 2012 3G Navigation DVDs. I bought one and it turned out to be 2009 data (Google refunded my money after the seller failed to communicate with me for a refund and they stopped dealing with him). As I understand it the 2012 disk needs to be "unlocked" by the dealer for it to work, which probably explains why so few are being offered online. If the cars is from an Audi dealer see if they will either update for free or at least give you a healthy discount. Worth checking as the car may have AMI, check in the glovebox, if there is a connector in the left hand side of the roof of the glovebox then it has AMI and you can connect either an iPod/iPhone or another type of device with either a USB or 3.5mm socket all depending on the leads you get. Also you can use the SD Card slots (up to 32Gb each) for storing music
  13. Common cause is the brake light switch failing.
  14. Anyone got a new 2.0tdi A6?????

    Picked up a new 2.0TDi SE Avant yesterday. So far it seems to be on a par with my C6 2.0TDie SE Avant, but I have only done about 60 miles so perhaps a bit early. Absolutely love the car. Will report back on mpg after a few more miles