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  1. Scotland round trip again

    Bloody iPhone predictive text, that should say "charging iPhone too"
  2. Scotland round trip again

    Did I mention I have an A1? To be fair the 80mpg was a optimistic, as I was just tapping the go pedal. I worked out the real Mpg is more 60 going by I only used a tank of fuel, still not bad for 2.0tdi. But music loud, aircon on on to keep me awake, plus it was 5am so lights were on, oh and I was charging my online too.
  3. Scotland round trip again

    But all joking aside, I have the BOSE sound system in this, and in my opinion sounds better then the B & O in my RS5, and the BOSE in my old C5 RS6.
  4. Scotland round trip again

    Not yet, but feel free.
  5. Scotland round trip again

  6. Scotland round trip again

    Did I mention I got 80mpg?? Had to do a visit to Dundee.
  7. Scotland round trip again

    Sorry I should of said I was using the Audi A1.
  8. Scotland round trip again

    At the m6 toll booth it brought a smile to the guy, as he heard me playing "frggin in the riggin".
  9. Scotland round trip again

    Used the A1 to do a round trip again to Scotland from Surrey. For a small car it really done the trip well, but must admit if it didn't have the 2.0tdi I would think twice about doing this journey, and as a bonus at points of the journey I was getterg 80mpg, plus again I got their on one tank of fuel, which is about £45. Really do rate this little car.
  10. Having a garage clear out and have this DAS 6 polishing machine for sale, which comes with all attachments, as seen here. The kit comprises of 4 menzerna cutting compounds and polishes. 6 polishing pads and a carry bag to fit it all in. I reckon this would cost around £170 new but I'm asking £80 for the lot. Collection would be preferable from Sutton Surrey, or I can send which I think would cost around £12 due to the weight. Any questions let me know.
  11. Miles per tank

    Let's not talk about the vulnerable alloy's as the missus has already done one, so I got a set of these on order.
  12. Miles per tank

    That's exactly what we got, with the added comms pack, bose, plus parking all round. Really is a cracker and a 2.0tdi with £20 tax is an added bonus
  13. Miles per tank

    Over the past 8 years I've mostly had RS audis but now we have an Audi A1 2.0 TDI for a while, only had the car a week but had to shoot to Scotland over the weekend and this car got from London to Dundee on a single tank of fuel, I found this quite impressive as I know the fuel tanks are quite small I think 45 litres but to get 500 miles from a single tank I think is quite good. But also I actually enjoyed the drive, it is almost fully loaded so did help with the journey having the Bose, cruise control and sat nav etc, but I really like this little car and just eats the miles on the motorway.
  14. My RS5 for sale

    Anyone interested let me know.