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  1. Q7 bluetooth module - help please!!

    forgot to mention that MMI is updated to 5570, except for the bluetooth module which was impossible to update (failed to get to download state).
  2. Q7 bluetooth module - help please!!

    Hello Craigyb I realize this is a quite old topic but google took me here while looking for the same answer. I have a late 2006 Q7 and looking for the bluetooth module. I have a RHD (Italy) and looked in front of driver seat, passenger seat and behind the driver seat: could not find that damn black plastic box!!! Here a pic of what is in front of the driver seat (if could be of any help!) BTW I'm looking for the bluetooth module to disconnect the can connection but leave the most and try to see if it's the module that it is driving crazy MMI. Basically each time I start the engine MMI will freeze for 2 seconds every 30 seconds (radio, cd, mp3, navigation and menu get stuck for 2 seconds). This for the first 5 minutes and then everything get back to work (the bluetooth module itself connect right to my iphone). I've looked at the VAG/VAS with my local dealer and they could not find anything wrong in the diagnostic. Other point the battery is not keeping the charge, so I had to replace it and after just 2 weeks it's yet feeling 'tired' at the very first engine start in the morning. Thanks to everyone will try to help!