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  1. ipod armrest and iphone

    My Ipod touch also works fine. So I would say yes.
  2. Carbonfibre Vented Bonnet...

    [ QUOTE ] .... I think the roof would only look good painted black on a black car! . [/ QUOTE ]
  3. Carbonfibre Vented Bonnet...

    Agree with painting the bonnet. I rekon the roof would look good pained black though...
  4. Hamilton Courting Media Again

    Job done
  5. Fifth gear 24/09/07

    Why does Tiff have to always go round every corner drift-racer style? It all they ever do on that program. Irritates me.
  6. first time buyer vw eos

    I was tempted by the EOS but went for a GTi in the end, purely because I got it so much cheaper. Looks wise, I would go for the top price alloy option.
  7. ED 30 GTi - Wheel Choice

    [ QUOTE ] Those Abt wheels shown on the TT are great but very expensive IIRC. Here you go: [/ QUOTE ] They look very cool.
  8. Fuel Consumption

    If I drive 'normally' then I get into the 30mpgs and over 300 miles from a tank. However, I rarely drive 'normally' and usually fill up every 250 miles
  9. Cradle for Smartphone (with nav)

    I find the GPS takes ages to lock on. If your in a house you can forget it! Amazing phone, just don't buy it for the GPS.
  10. Graphite Blue GTi

    I have a blue graphite and I love the colour. I am very happy with it. I actually think it looks good dirty too
  11. I think the alloys show on the 'great pretender' advert are a lot better than these tbh.
  12. [ QUOTE ] Not too convinced by those wheels... [/ QUOTE ]