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  1. MK Meet - Weds 4th Sept

    1. Ian_C 2. RichardW 3. NikW 4. Why is the editor forcing double line spacing?
  2. Bucks Curry Meet - Weds 7th Aug

    Ate there on Fri night, looking forward to eating there again this Wed! Planning to bring the newly-watertight red car so hopefully the weather will co-operate.
  3. MK Meet - Weds 3rd July

    1. Iain C 2. NikW Aiming to bring something petrol powered to this one!
  4. MK Meet - Weds 5th June

    A bit late to the party but I'll be there tonight, looking forward to it after missing the last one!
  5. MK Meet - Weds 1st May

    1. Ian_C 2. Greg_S 3. Ross 4. jamrowls 5. Ashy 6. Nige 7. Chris 8. Nik (Not trying to be a loner, just can’t fix the line spacing)
  6. MK Meets - Weds 3rd Oct

    Nope, scratch that, RW is in France.
  7. MK Meets - Weds 3rd Oct

    1. Ian_C 2. NikW 3. RichardW? Looking forward to it!
  8. MK Meet - Weds 5th Sept

    I'll be there in something - all German stuff currently broken!
  9. MK Meet - Weds 1st Aug

    And what's going on with the line spacing - I'm not trying to separate myself from the rest of you I promise!
  10. MK Meet - Weds 1st Aug

    1. Ian_C 2. Greg_S 3. Richard_W 4. Lee 5. NikW Missed the last one so looking forward to this!
  11. MK Meet - Weds 6th June

    Another new car?! The more Porches the merrier I always say.
  12. MK Meet - Weds 4th Oct

    Looking forward to it, car can now show its panels in public without embarrassment!
  13. MK Meet - Weds 2nd August

    Looking forward to this, as ever. Maybe we can get the Porsche quotient up a bit in this month's photo?
  14. MK Meet - Weds 7th June

    Will be there with generator!
  15. MK on Tour! 5th October

    This looks like a much nicer pub than the last one, looking forward to it!