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  1. Silverstone - who's going?

    Setting off tomorrow afternoon to get set up on the campsite, Im there for Fri/Sat/Sun
  2. Personalised plates change to new car...

    Did mine last Christmas through DVLA Shrewsbury, they turned it around in 3 days between Christmas and New Year !!! I nearly fainted
  3. Pardon?

  4. Schuey linked to Merc F1 drive

    It's what the sport needs....we may just see some overtaking now too!
  5. DVLA - gits.

    Is his name Derek Trotter???
  6. I reckon it's all hype to to ensure F1 doesnt loose its media attention during "closed season"...... cant see British race being cancelled.
  7. BN58*** CLS 350 (kn*b) driver!

    Had a k--b in a Honda Accord behind me yesterday on the A50, I was overtaking a stream of trucks and cars at about 75+ish! I couldnt get in for a few hundred yards. He started flashing at me from miles away, then proceeded to sit on my tail. Red rag to a bull...I slowed to 70 and he then started on his horn. He eventually got past to a round of applause from me. He knew I couldnt get over for him, so why the k--b act? I always use the GPS speed from my satnav, it shows my clock is about 4-5 mph out at 50 so I use it when going through average cams.
  8. Worst Job in the World (work warning)

    All I get is .. Access Denied (policy_denied) Your system policy has denied access to the requested URL. For assistance, contact your local Help Desk.
  9. Dead Duck

    old ones are the best ones!!
  10. Ferrari - guess who's back.....

    Do we think its more than just his neck? Is it more sinister than that?? Gutted, as he would have been a boost to the F1 circus
  11. Jacko

    R.I.P. its easy as 1..2..3
  12. First woman driver in F1 in 2010?

    Airbags look functional!
  13. Ex-TVR boss Peter Wheeler has died.

    He owned the chemical engineering company I work for before going onto TVR. He interviewed me for the job Im still in 27 years later. I went white when I found out, a real gentle giant was Peter. Used to see the odd prototype being modelled in our fibreglass workshop over weekends. Even though they should have been making chem eng equipment!
  14. Wanna buy a Veyron ?

    Original Bugatti Holdall swings it for me....I'll have one
  15. Hamilton/McLaren Melbourne results excluded

    Roll up roll up, the F1 circus is back in town...!