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  1. Nissan Navara

    Wife's grandad is just about to replace his X reg Frontera 3.2 V6 (it's actually very good if you want it purely as a proper tower/4x4 and sounds great!) with a Nissan Navara double cab. Not sure if any of you have seen any but they look quite cool for a pick up and are very well specced. Nissan are coming out with some damn good products at the moment - 350Z, X Trail, Navara.
  2. Life is now a holiday

    Well now we live literally on a river with a mooring for our little boat, we have hundreds of beaches within a very short distance and stunning countryside all around, the pressure is now off the have that "perfect holiday" because to be honest, there's not really anywhere else in the World I;d rather be (we are well travelled too). Of course we will still go abroad but after watching the sun set over a beautiful beach on three separate occasions after work last week, I'm not so worried. Just had a wicked surf - 20 mins drive away
  3. What car next?

    Yes, they do actually, apart from the GTi. Audis DON'T handle well - Fact. They have great interiors, a good image and are well made and some are very quick, but they do NOT handle - Find ONE bit of journo write up praising any modern Audis handling (bar the new RS4) or any modern VW (bar the GTi). ....I'm waiting... Still waiting.... Methinks you have been blinded by the hype. Fords (especially the Focus) handle better than almost any VAG car too. Ian - Did you just try and equate a CAR with INVESTMENT?!!! You're even more of a muppet than I first though. Back to playschool young man. That's what I call one MIGHTY backfiring bit of patronisation. Worst depreciator I can think of? A VW Touraeg or Phaeton.
  4. Merc C320CDI - Bit of a sleeper

    [ QUOTE ] Yep it's a fabulous bit of kit, I believe it's the new V6 E320 CDI that has recently replaced the straight six diesel they've fitted in everything up until now. I wouldn't mind one but it's rather expensive for a C Class! It would be great with a Brabus re-map! [/ QUOTE ] Yep - It's an all new lighter and much more hi tec block than the old 320CDI engine - Seems to rev more freely and sounds better. It's the least dieselly sounding derv I've heard yet. Getting rather fond of big block diesels in my old age.
  5. What car next?

    I agree with you there - AWD handles better than FWD. I just don't think it's needed on anything under 200bhp - Just adds too much weight. I see A3/A4 1.8Ts with 150bhp and 4WD and just think WHY?! Mk2 Focus is a great handler but I actually slightly preferred the mk1 - The ST170 is still one of the best handling FWD cars I've ever driven. The new ST is very good indeed but just feels less agile and a wee bit over heavy. No wonder VW nicked the Focus engineer for the GTi! Subaru 4WD is still probably the best available for sensible money - Even the Forester (tested for 24 hours) handles very well indeed. They just look odd and guzzle too much fuel.
  6. What car next?

    The VXR got it wrong - I've tried one and the Focus ST was a lot better. Having said that, I base my car opinions on actually driving cars not what journos say - They quite often get it wrong and drive cars in completely unrealistic "track" conditions anyway - Totally irrelevant to 99% of todays driving. I stand by what I say - The mk5 Astra handles bloody well. I buy my cars with handling as one of the main reasons for purchasing. If the Astra didn't handle very well indeed, I wouldn't have one. If an Audi A3/A4, VW Passat, etc handled, I'd have one of those - But they don't.
  7. Had a little go in the bosses brand new Merc today. Have to say that it's one hell of a car! The new 320CDI engine is fantastic and even sounds nice and woofly. The 7 speed "tiptronic" style gearbox works a treat, the chassis felt very sorted and the brakes are superb. It's got a more sporty interior than many Mercs with black leather and ally trim - More plasticky than anything Audi or BMW but still pretty good. It's also very subtle - Only 245 section tyres and nice alloys give it away. A very quick and subtle car for those "in the know"
  8. New XK8 convertible spotted!

    It did indeed look fantastic - Easily as much, if not more presence than the Astons I've seen to date (not seen a Vantage yet though). Lovely interior too - Nice one Jag!
  9. What car next?

    Try a TOP END Astra, not some 1.6l hire car. One with decent sized rubber and sports suspension - The chassis is very well sorted (unlike the mk4) and loses nothing to the Focus - I've tested them back to back on the same roads after all. Have you done the same or are you basing it purely what's written in the press? I bought the Astra on handling, fresh looks, poke, build quality and value in that order. When people compare cars on here they so often base their experience of mainstream brands on a car they once hired in Spain or similar to their top end whatever car at home. I've upset rather a large number of cars with more power purely on handling alone - Only the Astra was sorted by Lotus, the Vectra and Corsa missed out and suffered for it. Vauxhalls ARE largely crap, the new Astra changed all that.
  10. New XK8 convertible spotted!

    I'm sure these aren't put yet but saw a met green beige hooded new shape XK8 on 20" alloys today that looked bloody awesome! Quite muddy but still very nice indeed and some other car nerd spotted it too and was ringing a load of people about it. Should have got pics but forgot!
  11. What car next?

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] better handling than anything VAG group can do [/ QUOTE ] Sorry, utter bollox, and you know it. [/ QUOTE ] Errrmmm, no actually. I went straight for VW and Audi after the Golf, thought the handling of both were vague and mushy and was much more impressed with Ford and VX. Until the new RS4 and Gti, Audi and VW have had about 15 years of shite handling cars and that's a well known fact I'm afraid. I you want handling and German, it's BMW or Porker.
  12. What car next?

    0-60 in 8.6 but massive mid range shove, 40+mpg, 150bhp, better handling than anything VAG group can do and quicker in it's class (bar the GTi), proper build quality (at last), genuinely groundbreaking and cricically acclaimed styling... Yes I bring you the Ashtray 1.9CDTi 150PS - Just about within reach at £15k. Sorry, I could resist...
  13. Advice on Hawaii, please..........!!

    They can be a bit harsh. 16 years surfing has got me thw following: Dislocated shoulder four times. Slashed face. Broken nose. Several black eyes. Two near drownings. Several broken ribs. Concussion. Very nearly broke my neck. Sliced hand open. Sinusitus x 4. Ear problems. Etc, etc. Still great fun though but the sort of wave pictured is strictly for complete lunatics. My biggest surf is triple overhead - Still nothing compared to that wave! Thoughts of a Hawaii trip now on my mind...
  14. Advice on Hawaii, please..........!!

    It's a place I'd love to visit. Done Oz and NZ (plus most of Europe) surfwise but not the "home" of surfing, Hawaii. You get a taste of the waves they have in parts of Europe, Oz and NZ, but not a lot beats the heaviness of the waves there apart from a mad place in Tahiti called Teahupoo. Check THIS out!
  15. Advice on Hawaii, please..........!!

    I realised that just after I'd posted (I thought he wss off now) and hoped no one would notice...! You a surfer Andrew? I'm moving "home" to Cornwall on Friday - Rather excited about surfing too much again!