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  1. Immaculate 2007 Audi S4 in rare manual transmission. Great practical car with punchy performance and a lovely sounding V8. Superb condition both mechanically and visually, well looked after. Full service history from Audi and VAG specialists. Serviced last week. MOT and taxed until October. Lots of paperwork and receipts, original owners books and 2 keys. Features include DVD Sat Nav, multi CD changer, SD card mp3 player, BOSE sound system, full multi-functional steering wheel (MFSW), folding mirrors, heated front seats, heated rear seats, electric Recaro full leather sports seats in ivory, arm rest, Bluetooth mobile connectivity, rear parking sensors, Xenon headlights, Daytime running lights (DRL). It took me some time to find a manual version of this car in such good condition with low mileage. Now selling as I've bought an S6. Asking £10,900 ONO
  2. Correction, it hasn't changed at all, it's still turning itself on and off at random! Strangely it does this even when the engine is off, so it can't be vibrations affecting a connection. Could it be purely electrical?
  3. The radio/CD in my wife's 2005 Audi TT mark 1 seems to have lost power, yet the backlights still work. It worked fine until I took it to have the tracking aligned. After that day, the CD would intermittently turn on and off every 30 seconds or so as she was driving along. I pulled the stereo out today to look for loose cables and now it seems to be completely dead, with the exception of the backlights which still work fine. Nothing appears on the screen, no audio, nothing except backlight. I've checked the 7.5A fuse in the back and the main radio fuse in the board, both are fine. The two blocks of cables into the back of the radio are pushed in securely. Perhaps the other end of this cable run is loose somewhere? Appreciate any views on how to diagnose this please!
  4. Vomit smell

    Thanks Luke I'd not seen that before. The smell seems to just be everywhere (not just coming from one spot) - does it work in those situations? I'm not sure it'd be wise to saturate the whole car in it
  5. Vomit smell

    My fiancée has been saving to buy a TT for ages. She finally collected it last Thursday, and had a permanent smile since the minute she got she keys. She drove to a ball on the Friday night, and gave another girl (normally very sensible type) a lift home, but sadly this girl had had too much vino and threw up. Very little sick actually touched the car. The bit on the leather seats came off easily, but a small amount went down the side of the seat and a lot went on the seat belt, which probably later recoiled and took some vomit back into the mechanism. I cleaned the car as best I could. We then got a professional valet round (at the girl's expense!) and he did a cracking job - visually it looks better than new. He spent 3 hours on the interior alone, but you can still smell it, it's definitely noticeable. The valet did use one of those smoke bomb things when he left, but even that doesn't seem to have resolved it. I really want to sort this for her, so the car either smells like leather seats again or nothing at all. At the moment it's a horrid mix of sick and air freshener Are there any tips for removing the lingering odor? Someone said to leave peeled oranges in the car overnight, but perhaps they were pulling my chain?
  6. 330 Touring common problems & sat nav

    Yep, thanks. Back to the question then... anything in particular to watch out for?
  7. Thinking of getting an estate due to ongoing house restoration work, and I've been looking at the 330 Touring M Sport from around 2002. Dont minder whether petrol or diesel but hopefully a manual box. Are there any common problems to watch out for when viewing? I've seen a few photos of rust around the tailgate and talk of wishbone replacements. Also is possible to retrofit sat nav to these models? From the photos it looks like the head unit includes the air con controls so possibly not a straight swap? Have always had VW/Audi up until now so gently tipping my toe in the BMW world!
  8. 2006 AUDI A3 2.0T FSI Quattro S-Line Special Edition Sportback Immaculate A3 special edition sportback, complete with massive spec: - Manual 6 speed 200BHP Quattro - DVD Sat nav plus with UK & West Europe maps - 2x SD card slots for music - Audi BOSE sound system - Automatic lights & wipers (Light & rain sensor pack) - Cruise control - Integrated Audi phone cradle and full Bluetooth connectivity (GSM Mobile phone preparation) - Multi-function steering wheel with the S-Line red & white stitching - Special edition black leather seats with S-Line markings - Special edition brushed aluminium trim - Pearl phantom black - 18" 5 arm alloys - Auto dimming rear view mirror - Auto heated wing mirrors - Rear window sun screen - 53k miles I've uploaded 17 hi-res photos here: Audi A3 for sale - a set on Flickr The car has full Audi service history, most recently serviced at the end of Jan 2010 at 48.9k, no work and no repair recommendations. Last MOT'd July 2010. 2 keepers (inc me), I've had it for 2 and a half years. It has been a dream to own, mechanically flawless, never a single rattle or noise, in fact the only thing I've ever had to do is change a brake light and fuse. Absolutely no fault codes reported at any service. There are a few very light scratches inside and out from everyday use but nothing really visible, I doubt you will ever find the same spec in better condition. The wheels have a few curb marks but again nothing major. Happy to accommodate any mechanical inspection. Much loved car, regularly washed and waxed. Selling due to massive house renovation project - this is not a car I want to ruin by shifting building supplies! Would consider P/X for any old high mileage Audi or pickup truck. I have obscured part of the number plate in photos just to prevent cloning. You must provide proof of insurance in order to test drive, but welcome to view without. No time wasters or tyre kickers, the car is immaculate and first to view will buy. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me. FULL AD here: Audi : 2006 AUDI A3 2.0T FSI Quattro S-Line Special Edition Sportback satnav MORE PICS here: Audi A3 for sale - a set on Flickr
  9. Temperature control dual lock

    that worked a treat, thanks
  10. I have the dual temperature controls. I used to be able to change the driver's control and it automatically kept the passenger's temperature the same, but somehow I've changed this so you have to change both independantly. Any idea how I can sync them together again please?
  11. Retro-fit & Modification Projects Index

    Is there any way of auto-updating all these links so they work with the new forum? I know I can find them through search, it's just a bit too much effort
  12. Replacement key

    My 2006 A3 only came with one key, and I'd really like to get a second just for emergencies. I've seen in other threads that Audi will charge me £150-£180 for a new flip-key, but is there another option? I'd be happy with a basic non-flip non-remote key for emergencies, I don't really want to shell out nearly £200 for a key that hopefully never be used. Or... are these ebay keys any good? Seen several threads saying they don't work