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  1. RS3 - Saloon!

    Looks good in the pictures, what sort of money is the Golf worth Riz? Also there is a batch of very low miles, good spec, pre-reg CP M3s about that can be had for as low as £50k if you negotiate hard enough, finance rates from 3.9%. These may work out better value than the 0% deals on new as the best part of £10/15k depeciation has already been accounted for
  2. "Relay Crime" reality?

    This is rife everywhere at the moment, more than you realise. Not just 'top end' cars but plently of day to day cars such as fiestas, focus's, etc. Anything with keyless entry - its gone back to the days of the 90s for car theft. Unfortunately there is just not enough 'resource' to deal with the scumbags and they know it. I follow a page on FB called 'Stolen Cars Midlands' and most days there are at least 7/8 cars around the midlands reported stolen, most using this method and this is just for folk that know about the page and report it on there - loads don't! What can you do - as Rachel has said Faraday case for your keys. If you don't want to do that a metal (biscuit) tin to store your keys - you can test if this works but taking your keys in your tin to your car and seeing if the doors open. Physical security is a big one - get one of the orginal Disloks - a bit of a pain to use but sends a message to mr scumbag to move onto another car that hasn't got one on. You can of course also add physical bits around the house - security lights, security posts - just don't forget to put them down before driving off
  3. New Audi A7 rear lights

    Mmm, wonder what the RS version will look like
  4. TaxTheRich - Rallycross

  5. Speed with Guy Martin: F1 Special

    Great episode tonight considering he got chucked in the deep end
  6. The £1k mobile phone

    Can I start the list for first dibbs on any iPhone 6/7 (which ever spec) that might become available for those upgrading that might be trading the older models back in
  7. Really surprised this hasn't sold yet. Have you had many viewings? What sort of feedback have you been getting? I would imagine now that you've got the FBSW it should sell fairly soon
  8. Hmmmmm

    SK, have you got an existing Macan you are about to replace with the GTS If you decide to p/x could you drop me a PM
  9. Bloodbath....

    Liking that one Red, very nice
  10. 720 Wop

    The stuff dreams are made out of Well done mate. Just so we are up to date, what's currently still in the fleet and what will be left once the McWOP's arrive?
  11. Why do my wheels do this?

    I've only noticed this on alloys that have been refurbed at some stage, normally from when they hang the wheels during the process. Normally on the inside of the rim though not outside
  12. New RS5

  13. New RS5

    I know of a fastidiously maintained and looked after low mileage B7 RS4, if you are prefer one with a proper gearbox
  14. The new steed..

    Hi cj Hope you are well? Congrats on the new 140i very nice and I'm loving the colour. Be interested to hear your comparisons against the 135i. I'd ask S3Bangs but I understand he only drives around in 'comfort' mode